Chess – Endgame – 1984

Chess concert 1984. Karin Glenmark saves the concert when Barbara Dickson suddenly gets sick. You can see how Tommy Körberg looks around him when Barbara isn’t there and Karin starts to sing from her
choir place. The musical is written by Benny Andersson and Tim Rice


  1. Marvellous! What a great rescue! 👏🏼👏🏼🎶

  2. I just renember listening to this on casette.. really late at night at a local river… on rapid troublemaker

  3. Love this so much, she nails it, love her so much.

  4. Do you have the whole broadcast (Berwaldhallen 1984)?

    Någon som har hela framträdandet från 1984?

  5. Was this shown live on TV at the time? If not, why did they not just do a re-take?

  6. Some people said that Barbara Dickson didn't appear because she wasn't confident in the part. But wasn't this the last of a series of concerts? Surely she was ill. Such a crazy moment when the entry doesn't happen! I keep listening to it over and over.

  7. Karin was a hero in this concert… Wow… She has a great voice…

  8. Did Barbara EVER perform this live? On the other dates of the concert tour, perhaps?

  9. I've learned about this musical about a year ago and just keep returning here over and over . Great emotions, i'm addicted

  10. I was there watching this performance at the Barbican in London, amazing!

  11. I can hear it over and over again, never a dull moment !

  12. I must confess…This my favorite song from this Genius production.The music is superb!! As is the whole Musical. 7.2020.

  13. I have seen many endgame saves before. Did some myself even. But this one is the most beautiful one so far.

  14. If you look in to 4:54 it seems that like her brother fell into laughter but then continued with respect (he is a very good musician and singer but above all a famous music producer)

  15. Karin sings almost as well as I do when I'm in the shower. – kidding), professional reaction to a situation…bravo, well done

  16. Benny Andersson is a GENIUS (ABBA forever!), I don't know any other composer like him. Karin, who saves the situation, is amazing!!

  17. Чем дольше я думаю над решением Анатолия в финале, тем больше понимаю, что это было едиснтвенным верным поступком.

  18. Karin for president. Tommy is pretty good too.

  19. 2021 ans i cn still rember that opening – amazing they did make it so easy

  20. you can almost here the story of Kristina in all of them songs s well – basic story is similar…Love and the sadnes of not be at home with your love back home (Sweden)

    J’ai adoré réécouter cette œuvre magique et j’ai immédiatement retrouvé le plaisir que j’avais eu à sa sortie.

  22. Love it! This a a highly demanding song and as Barbara Dickson had gotten unwell backstage I love how she took over without hesitation and nailed it – superstar

  23. This is the best version of Endgame out there, and she wasn’t even supposed to sing it here. So professionally done, pure class! The last “liar” gets me goosebumps every time

  24. Was Karen ever interviewed about this remarkable performance?

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