Chess Endgame for Beginners – Lesson 1 – Two Queens Checkmate (Staircase)

In this lesson we cover how to checkmate with two queens using the staircase technique. For all videos visit


  1. Hey Bucky, what are you doing with your life?!

  2. Tell me how to save the King and avoid checkmate from the opponent if the opponent has two queens. Like in the above case, how can the Black King can stalemate/win ? That would be perhaps more interesting.

  3. bro i m missing ur tutorials please come back

  4. finnaly i got you.. where you have beeeeeeeeeen….. bucky. come to thenewboston

  5. Gosh is really you. i have been looking for way to thank you for guiding me through out all the necessary basics in programming. i really appreciate. How have you been?

  6. Legend says, "Bucky will return! and like this comment" 🙂

  7. Can you make videos series on Raspberry pi or Arduino??…

  8. Wtf, today i draw a chess endgame so i though "must learn endgames in the future". Then i went to newboston to learn some html but decided to watch the last video of his channel, and someone link to this channel, where bucky teach you endgames. The circle is complete.

  9. whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, is that u @buckyRoberts am so excited hearing u again man, u've been my teacher and mentor from way back when i was still struggling in college be quiting and become a freelancer developer using all u tought me on #thenewboston channel
    thx man may God bless u so much
    now am i have a chance to know chess too

  10. I have no idea about chess, but maaan you are back!!!, i'm definitely going to watch every video on the chanel! But dude, give some explanation or something! Why did you disapeared?

  11. public Bucky getBucky()
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  12. Hey Bucky,some React and Django 2019 Update

  13. Hey dude do programming tutorial plss you're my best tutor. Buckyy

  14. Btw, let's play a match of chess. 😁 I Don't know how fast am i gonna lose but let's try

  15. Can't believe you're back!! Thanks for making me a developer! I'll always owe you! And guess what.. I love chess as well!!
    Every one of you, subscribe and share this channel, Bucky is back!!!

  16. Hello teacher, glad to know that you're fine. Now i have a job thanks to you. You know what, i play chess too at, and now im starting my chanel too on youtube. Youre my inspiration.

  17. I'm gonna add to every other Coder who misses your Coding tutroials. Thank you for the intro to Android and I'm glad I got the information from you. Time to learn some chess

  18. Bucky, when are you going to MAKE A CLEAR STATEMENT on your ending of that coding channel, thenewboston ? There's all kinds of rumors going around. Some say you got married – something about getting the local fire chief's daughter into trouble and after one last booze-up with 'fishing' buddy Brad finally faced up to your sad responsibilities. Some say you took the YouTube video money and lit out for a round the world trip in a boat. Some say you're dead, man. But the worst of all is those folks saying that you took a pay-off from a commercial software training company to SHUT DOWN your thenewboston channel …
    You cheap chicken*hit !
    I guess they paid you to say nothing about it all. Just like Charlie in Wall Street … "He's got your pr*ck in his back pocket, kid!"
    By the way, Buck – is there anything on your penguinchess channel that wouldn't be got easier and with less noise in Hugh Alexander's Penguin Book Of Chess Positions ?

  19. You really should teach all the basic check mate patterns in such a basic endgame. There are three other possibilities. First, we have what I call the knight distance check mate which can occur anywhere on the chess board. Then we have the four rows check mate and finally there is at least one pattern that only works if the kings assist in the middle of the board. It is usually mate in 1 to 3 moves, but if the attacker's king disrupt the coordination between the queens, it can take up to 4 moves to mate. If you know these patterns it is easy to see that it is mate in 2 from the original position in the video.

  20. i went to here because i am fan of the new boston….

  21. Ay bucky, hope you're still doing great man!
    thanks for dedication!

  22. Watching this video with barely 2 minutes to go.
    Video length: 8 minutes paniccss

  23. one day i will watch this , it's because of you bucky . your lessons are enjoyable

  24. This was so informative. I love how you explained everything!

  25. tyvole proste ho tam domrdas po jednom ne na co kurva 9 MINUT XDDDDDDDDD

  26. An alternative approach is
    1: Qe7+, Kf5.
    2: Qd4, Kg6
    3: Qe4, Kg5.
    4: Qe7 to Qh4# mate.

    Basically forming a 4×4 square around the king with the queens, then diagonally crossing queens.

  27. I stalemated with 2 queens against a lone king. I feel ashamed of myself right now..

  28. Came here after I drew because of timeout and insufficient material on opponent's side😭

  29. And the beginners stalemate bcz they forced the king into the corner and didn't actually get the mate because they are trash

  30. Since you're using the StockFish engine, What GUI is being used here? I don't seem to be asking the right question. Most things recommend Chessbase yet it seems to be for professional level with positional analysis.

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