Chess Endgame Fundamentals: King + Pawn vs. King

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Learn how to properly evaluate and play one of the most common chess endgames: king + pawn versus king!

Opposition is present when:
– Kings on same color square (along the file)
– Odd number of squares in between the kings
– Opponent’s turn to move


  1. Nice, now I know. I have drawn like this before. Hopefully I won't next time

  2. Evry time when I tryed this network chess tricks, my enemy plays something else without realising what did he done and my whole strategy is useless then 😂

  3. This isn't a lesson to be take lightly !
    A diligent chess player will study this and never have to stumble along in this situation,,, I just recently won a game exactly in this manner,,, it was very rewarding,,,, 😁💪♕♔

  4. Hello, you haven't made any videos of late, however, I have used this lesson to win a game several times since I learnt it from here, additionally I have won another game using a lesson you gave on endgame with queen and king against king. Greatly appreciated

  5. Im 2200 blitz and still lose drawn positions, so back to the drawing boards I guess. Im glad these videos are here to help because I really should know this by now.

  6. Now do king vs. king endgame . . . in antichess.

  7. hello john! you probably won’t read this, but i love the chessboard you have and i’d like to buy one myself! could you please tell me the name of it?

  8. This, sir, is the one of the best explanations of the end game. Thank you very much for training us mortals.

  9. This is the best explanation I have found on this endgame, after viewing about 8 other videos. Excellent!!  Subscribed.  Thank you!!

  10. This is some excellent work. Clear instructions, tons of examples, plenty of opportunities to pause and think…
    I love it. Thank you so much.

  11. Great to use a real chess board and pieces. Love it.

  12. Sir, if its black to move in each scenarios explained and if he plays correct move of opposition he will draw or stalemate right!?

  13. Aren't the kings on the same color square along a file and an odd number of squares between the king the same? What is an example in which you could have an odd number of squares on the same file without the kings being on the same color?

  14. Hi John, aren't your first two criteria for opposition the same? If Kings are on the same colour square on a file then there must be na odd number of squares between them. Is there some subtlety I'm missing?

  15. The first two criteria are the same no?

  16. Imagine you took the opposition and queened perfectly but then stalemates the king and queen vs king endgame.

  17. if both kings are on the same color on a single file, the number of squares between them is always odd

  18. Best explanation of Opposition I've found. Fantastic video!

  19. odd number of squares between and same color squares are equivalent criteria surely?

  20. great video, just came from a game that looked exactly like your example of what not to do at the start XD i'll see if i can remember it next time it comes up

  21. Explained simply and beautifully. Very instructive! Thank you.

  22. I was in a losing position today and took the opposition because I learned about it in this video. Got a draw!

  23. A very perplexing topic explained so that those who are not advanced or master rated players can pick up a few wins or stave off a few losses they otherwise would not have been able to do. Well done.

  24. Why do you invariably use the plural pronouns "they" and "their" in singular pronoun positions?

  25. Great job! Very well explained and demonstrated. Thank you 😊

  26. 09.17 of course that why im here

  27. Thank you so much, your videos are amazing.

  28. One of the more confusing explanations of opposition that I have seen.

  29. Excellent! Really good, clear explanation, just what I need! I've seen "the opposition" mentioned before and had absolutely no idea what it was about. Now I know! Thanks for posting this John. 🙂

  30. Just saved myself from losing by remembering this video (my opponent had the pawn). I'm still a humble 900 on, but these little achievements keep me motivated to learn more.

  31. Finally started to get it after watching this video. Easy and straightforward and I really like how he went through all the steps – because as monotonous as those drawn moves are it still helps me as a beginner to see him go through each one. I can see myself doing those same mishaps but… it’s hard to visualize in my mind.

  32. Opposition is such a critical concept. It is simple yet complicated at the same time and I haven't disciplined myself enough to study it where it becomes part of my game.

  33. Ive watched several videos on this same technique but this video has finally made it clear to me. Thanks man

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