Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Lucena Position

Practice the Lucena Position and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. This explanation style with a real board and the camera angle is the best I've seen so far. Thank you very much for these videos!

  2. Rey instructive. Nice to see it on a good old fashioned 3D board. Many thanks.

  3. Keeping the rook upside down as a queen is a worldwide intuitive invention..

  4. The best discussion of the Lucena Position that I've ever seen!

  5. your videos are awesome. you are a super coach

  6. Lets get a queen here.1 sec later > put a rook upside down.
    Oh I see what you did there haha

    I'll punch them like Bruce Lee now!

  8. Whenever I set up any of these Lucena positions and play against the chess engine as White, what the computer eventually does is swing its Rook way off to the wing (giving up delivering checks along the files) and starts delivering checks from the SIDE – and then I don't know what to do.

  9. Why do chess players always have beautiful hands?

  10. 1:33 Rook to white corner is a checkmate.. The board is set up incorrectly i.e the white pawn moves from 2 to 8 and not B to H

  11. hello, i am not good at chess but have a question, at 7:21, when black king goes to B6, and white king goes to b8, then black takes with rook and its a stalemate, no? what prevents black from taking the pawn there? white rook b2 check would not do anything correct?

  12. Hello, this is not Lucena's but Scipione Genovino's (1634). Lucena never dealt with this endgame!

  13. Great instructional video! Lucena Position? Sounds like yoga! Headed to chessable to learn this puppy now–thank you!

  14. I always thought "bridge" was kind of confusing. I agree that "barrier" is more accurate.

  15. Several videos on this topic on YouTube – This one is the best I've seen. You have a knack for explaining things simply AND thoroughly – not easy to do. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the clear explanation, I finally understood it.

  17. The key to rook vs queen endgames is to separate the king and rook.

  18. 6:24 the winning move continuation if black plays Rh1 threatening Rh8# is
    2: Rb6+, K/any
    3: b8=Q

  19. 8:09 and if white plays rook h4 to h7 black just alternates between f1 and f2, white still can't enter the b file

  20. The best video on the Lucena position I've seen so far

  21. I cannot find the essential rook endgames course Jon mentions.

  22. The best instructional video I have seen on the Lucena position!!

  23. I still hear John's voice when playing this position. So fun building bridges!

    @7:20 instead of white 1. Rc2+ ..checking the King, white moves 1. Rb7+ Kc8, other wise white's King comes to b8. 2. Rb8+ Kc7 3. Rf8 .. now black can either make a waiting move or take over the b-file with Rb1, if black instead moves.. 3. Kb6 then white's rook moves up a rank Rf7, game over!

    Now if black chooses the option of.. 3. Rb1, white gives check with.. 4. Rf7+ Kc8,

    5. Rf8+ Kc7 6. Rb8! .. If black's rook takes on b8.. 6 .R x Rb8 7. a7=Q x Rb8..
    game over!

  24. If anyones interested, there’s an amazing book by Efstratios Grivas called “ Your Jungle Guide to Rook Endings.”

  25. I learned this tactic without knowing it had a name, just do puzzles instead of watching youtube videos

  26. When I play this Lucena position against any computer(Stockfish among others)with the moves described in your tutorial,the ending never turns out your way….!!!!It's ALWAYS the same ending: King + Rook against King….It's a win of course,but the promoted Queen is always captured by the black Rook…Who by the way never makes your waiting move from A1 to A2….

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