Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Lucena Position

Practice the Lucena Position and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. lol, if I promote a pawn when they only have a king, I just get rook

  2. LOVE your chess board !!! Would like to have one exactly like it !!

  3. Thanks for your explanations. Crystal clear.

  4. I had no idea it was the MOST position in all of chess theory 😂

  5. Hey John where did can you buy a good quality chess board like the one you use in the video, or if you can remember where you got yours at I would appreciate it.

  6. Very good video. Just wish you had touched upon the Black defensive attempt of placing HIS rook on the fourth rank before White gets the opportunity to do so.

  7. Pawn promoting Brings out a upside down rook

  8. So, what is the winning method with the rook pawn, after all?

  9. how to utilise these positions in bullet games?

  10. This is fantastic man..

    haven't had a better explanation for endgames yet!

  11. The best chess teacher on YouTube . Period !!!
    Much gratitude !

  12. Well explained: clear, complete, and succinct.

  13. What if I have to bring it all the way from b2??

  14. Thanks, endgames always confused me. This was extremely helpful.

  15. Sir, Where to buy exactly same chess board and pieces ??

  16. thanks for the vedio.. helped me a lot.. 👍

  17. You can still win even if the pawn is on the a or h file..just swing the rook to the opposite file, then move it to either 1 or 8 row, then place it on the pawn's attacked square?

  18. thank you very much
    i appreciate much to have lessons with a real chessboard , à physical board.
    and good pedogogie either: no too short not too long

  19. One defensive try you didn't show is when the weaker side places its own rook on the fourth rank.

  20. Thank you for this excellent explanation and demonstration. I will check out your website and practice this endgame. Btw I also subscribed.

  21. Engines suggest rook d5 (5th rank) for the bridge?

  22. at 11:54 Rd8 does not work as black will get some checks and you will have to start the process over again.

  23. Never understood why it’s called a bridge.

  24. So I'm on an date and a tell her my favorite position is the lucena position.

  25. I have been around chess for 30 years and I never heard about the Lucena position before. 0_0! Thanks man for sharing!

  26. Thank you John. This Lucena & also the Philador rook & pawn positions are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to know!! Sincerely, JAMES.

  27. Please make king bishop + knight vs king only endgame video

  28. At 5:48 what about white 1.Rd7.. Then 1…Ke6 2.Rc7 and then white king can step aside to Kc8 and there are no more checks..

  29. Congratulations. A clear and concise explanation of this position. Greetings from Puerto Rico.

  30. I tryed this today and I also figured out that my rook had to block the check, so I did the 2nd option you said, I thought I had to sacrifice the rook for a queen and I'm quite sure I saw somewhere that's winning xD. But anyway I definitely enjoyed this video and it's helping me to improve!

  31. Great lesson, as usual! Which board/piece set is this, and how would I go about obtaining one?

  32. Can anyone tell me the chessboard name? And price?

  33. Simply the best explanation of Lucina position I have encountered on YouTube! Now, everything becomes clear and simple. Thanks a lot, John. =)

  34. Wow, physical board is more pleasant than electronic board. Sir, add more videos

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