Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Lucena Position

Practice the Lucena Position and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. This is the first time I heard about this position.

  2. Is it always the fourth rank or is it the fourth absolute row from your side? Would black play to the 4th or 5th rank?

  3. Question. In my chess club there are players rated 1200, 1300, 1400… all the way up to 2400. You have to make a bet with me: does the player know this position cold (enough to beat a GM)? You can choose the bet, yes or no, for each player. You only know their rating. At what rating do you switch your bet from "no" to "yes"?

  4. John puts out great material. Great instruction!

  5. This is most definitely the most position of all time

  6. 6:27 what if black plays Rh1 threatening mate if white promotes?

  7. A barrier is a much better description. I've never understood why it's referred to as a bridge.

  8. Build a bridge on your side of the equator.

  9. "I accidentally a word" I see what you there 😉

  10. I was literally just reading about this in Amateur to IM. Thought I'd pick up a copy since you're always recommending it

  11. 4:56 apparently im not the only one putting rooks upside down when i lack a queen nearby 😉 Loved the video, thanks John!

  12. I love how you missed a word at the start, then you missed a word on the note about it 🙂
    Thank you, you explained it better than most people, and helped me understand this position! Thank you!

  13. Could you please make a video about opposite coloured bishops in the endgame?

  14. lol, I accidentally _ a word. John, you're a genius.

  15. more lessons with a physical board please

  16. At 11:58 I don't think Rc8 works because Black can start checking. White king needs to keep supporting the pawn and hence can't make progress I guess.

  17. Hey John in the Bf4 variation of the QGD what would white do if black did nothing after developing his pieces. Such as: d4 d5 c4 e6 Nc3 Be7 Nf3 Nf6 Bf4 0-0 e3 c6 Bd3 Re8 0-0 Nbd7 Qc2 and suppose h6. What if black doesn't take on c4 and just waits. What would white do to win? This is a huge question for me and the reason why I always escape to the exchange variation. Thank you so so much for your time.

  18. Hey John! I like these types of videos and would be open to more videos like this in the future.

  19. You mentioned approaching the rook as the defender, at the time where the attacker isn't threatening anything. What about just making a waiting move in that situation? What is the attacking side to do in that situation?

  20. They call it the bridge because the rook moves allows the king to cross the bridge, not because the pieces are in a straight line.

  21. where can i get that chess set john? it looks so sexy.

  22. Really like the physical board!

    Do you know what set that is? It kinda looks like a Fischer-Spassky replica set I saw.

  23. Hi John, I love your videos! Do you know where I can pick up a board like yours?

  24. Can you do a video on the Philidor position?

  25. Thank you for all of the content. Any idea why it is called "lucena"?

  26. very much appreciated lesson if you intend to do more endgames in the future i have a wish it's the Q +K vs R+K endgame i know it's a difficult ending of the reason that the weak part have a rank defence with his R and K

  27. After white plays Rd4, you say Black can't do much and could maybe play …Rc2, but can't you just play Ra4 and escape by the a-file then ?

  28. when you were showing rook pawn case,when defending king is checked he could go to b6,because ifhite king goes to b8,black rook simply can take the pawn.

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