Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Philidor Position

Practice the Lucena Position and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. What if the white rook goes to H4 to prevent the check on F1?

  2. Hi John! Have you ever done a video on how to force a mating pattern with Queen vs Rook?

  3. Thank you so much sir for the good ideas , information

  4. I want this chess board.. do u get this online ??? I've the mat one but I want to play on this

  5. I had this position with black and luckily after seeing this video..!! 😎😎

  6. It's becoming my post work routine to do watch some chess videos! Gonna really surprise my brother next time play hahahaha

  7. very nice video, make more from end game💜

  8. Wow I studied this against a computer only, and memorized the technique with moving the king. This is so much easier!

  9. Where can I buy this board and pieces? They are so beautiful!

  10. u could do white players prespactive too

  11. I get that it's mechanically correct, but what a vulgar technique to deny a worthy opponent a victory.

  12. Can you do some middlegame class Like this?

  13. What if instead of the king F6 move. You move the rook H4 and use it to defend the king like after F1 black rook youll do F4 white rook.
    Nevermind I figured it out 😂😂 Thanks it was a great help

  14. I want to buy exactly this chess board plz provide me link to buy online

  15. Subbed immediately. 10/10. Thanks.

  16. Moving White's rook to h1 would stop this no?

  17. This video and your Lucena Position video are very well explained and filmed. Thank you so much.

  18. this is the best explanation I have ever received on the phlidor position.

  19. JB is just an angel. A sweet killer, like Jerry from ChessNetwork. Thanks for the lesson.

  20. Can black still hold if its white to move? Or are there a lot more complexity in that condition?

  21. John, I have a great question for you: Which Rook+Pawn vs. Rook ending do you think is the most important to study?

  22. Thanks. What is the original Philidor game this comes from?

  23. What if the white rook is defended by the king and he offers a rook trade?

  24. Thanks for the video. It was very clear.

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