Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Short Side/Long Side Defense

Practice these positions and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. What chess board/set is this? Been looking for a while but can't find it anywhere

  2. What if on 4:50 black plays the rook to d1 istead of c1? The engine shows it as winning for black

  3. Great video. Very easy to digest! Thanks John.

  4. Where'd you get your chess pieces John?

  5. Important point I noticed while practicing this position.. If black tries to laterally defend the pawn with the rook(place it on the same rank as the pawn), in order to move the king forward! We can still place our rook behind but we have to block the advancing king with our king( like go to b1 in this case with our king) !

  6. john, i think the video is great, but let me ask you something. blacks pawn move does not have to be made, correct?

  7. sorry john, for some reason i commented prematurely

  8. 1:31 Rook to G1 is not a checkmate. White can play Rook to D1. Great video John! Keep up the good work.

  9. you're the man john, thanks for all your great content

  10. I love ya! What if everything was shifted over one to the left? Would that be a loss for white?

  11. I'm starting with #1 in the series and he talks about a previous video in the series… How does this work?

  12. Cant black place his rook on the long side if he knows this?

  13. Hi John, what chess board is this? It's beautiful and perfect!

  14. has anyone done bishop itercept and intercept defence something i don't pick up very well to at all?

  15. John I know there are stronger players, top 10 players and such in the world, but it really blows my mind on how much you know about chess. I study your 250 15 minute games all the time, and they are so freaking instructional. You really have a great way of explaining things and all your vids I have watched over the years have helped me so very much. You ROCK dude!!!

  16. Is there a specific order to watch these endgame videos in?

  17. I found these videos are very instructive thank u bro

  18. simple yet very informative. already subscribed. thanks

  19. After 5:57 Rh3-h4, otherwise if Kb2-c3 then Black will play Rh1-c1+ and our King will have to go back to b2.

  20. John, other chess pros offer to benefit the viewer's game, but you deliver. Thanks!

  21. Hi:)

    At 9:30, after Rh2, you don't play c3 with black but Rc2+ then R×R I hope:))

  22. At 9:30 in the video I think Rc2 for black is better, Black would win the rook.

  23. "Hiding in the shade of the pawn" is a wonderful phrase.

  24. You sound like bird person playing chess

  25. Hey John. What type of chess set do you have there? Can you give us any details about it? Looks nice.

  26. At 3:37 he says that black pawn would advance even though it's blocked by king and rook, and then he says even if white plays rook b8. But why would black play b8, leaving the pawns file?

  27. best explanation video ever ,thank you very much ,John

  28. With central pawns both short side and long side would draw right?

  29. Rook is the morning time to be a little bit more fun to not play with my friends and I will be in a good.

  30. One of the best chess instructors i have seen

    So clear about the instructions 🔥🔥🎉

  31. Great explanation John. Helps me improve a bit at this difficult game!

  32. This is Kling and Horowitz defensive technique

  33. 2:52 what happens if white moves the rook over and then blocks the black rook after the check?

  34. This concept is only for bishop's pawn and not a center pawn??? For a center pawn, king on short side loses is what I just figured out. Please clear my doubt in detail. If possible a video on how to draw against the center pawn

  35. I cannot find the way to start practicing the positions with rook endings on Chessable – they are supposingly free. Can somebody give me a hint?

  36. Hey John, at the beginning you said that you want your king in front of the pawn defending. But near the end you said that you do not want your king forced in front of a pawn?

  37. Ohhhh, first video I watch with real board and it's lovely and very well-explained! You recorded it in such a way that everything is very clear (even visually) and watching it in real board is actually very nice… thanks so much!

  38. Nice video. When practicing these endgames, positions like 4RK2/1r5k/8/5P2/8/8/8/8 b – – 12 7 arise frequently for me, and it has taken me a while to remember the right move. It might be worth another video covering this and some of the other continuations that you mentioned briefly in this video.

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