Chess Endgame Fundamentals: Short Side/Long Side Defense

Practice these positions and other important rook endings on Chessable!

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  1. Thank you for making me a better player John.

  2. which board and set are you using? looks really nice

  3. You should make a vid with hutch! Play against him and give him advice after or watch him play a tournament and give advice like he did in his recent vids.

  4. John do more of these endgame vids please, u have a fresh and awesome style of explaining endgame concepts which r enjoyable and instructive to follow, thanks a lot!

  5. at 9:30 Rc2+ might have been a bit sweeter/cleaner although even c3 wins ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @john bartholomew please make a chess fundamentals video on controlling a square or squares of a particular colour.

  7. Very Nice way to learn deep chess John .. Thx for those videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I'm loving the daily videos, keep them up!

  9. my first thought would be ki g to the longside because it has more room there. glad i watched this. normally endgame theory can be a bit boring.. but one must master it!

  10. What if the pawn is on the e or d file? Would this still work?

  11. Very good! Helped me a lot! Thanks John!

  12. Very nice and instructive explanation, John. Bravo!

  13. Thanks for nudging my rating up a little more. I absolutely love your videos.

  14. Hey john. chessable is cool but i stopped using it because I felt like I wasn't getting anything out of it. no hard feelings.

  15. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, John. I, personally, learn a lot from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. good job maybe have your showing short with d pawn to defending
    Iam apologize for my bad english

  17. John,

    thank you for making chess videos on youtube. I have a 7 year old son who is beginning to learn the game and he really enjoyed this one. You speak well and your videos are enjoyable to watch.

  18. The chess endgame fundamentals is very good series John, keep it up!

  19. I wish there would be an anime about chess where they would have epic games between strategic geniuses with super-dramatic voice overs as they play every move and in the finale they would come to an end game position like this one and one of the characters would just yell KING B1 before proceeding to explain how black cannot win… Death Note style chess

  20. shortcuts like these are why i love positional play. there's no counting, either!

  21. I learned something new today. Thanks, John!

  22. Thanks that is very helpful. Now delete the video before anyone else sees it.

  23. Very nice John. How's your Queen vs Rook technique? I'd love to see you do a video on that. I can't seem to crack that endgame.

  24. Hey John would you mind trying to make a climbing the tactics ladder video? Those are awesome!

  25. nice clear explanations . much appreciated liking chessable too, any chance of approaching players like Marc Esserman and Simon williams to add some breadth to the openings covered?

  26. I assume this still works if blacks pawn is on the d file?

  27. Is this advice valid if the pawn is on the B or D file?

  28. I won against my friend when I had one rook and my King and he had 2 rooks and his King lol

  29. Great lesson, thank you! The endless beauty of chess!

  30. Thank you for the lesson and especially for the free book on chessable! Much appreciated.

  31. Hi John, please keep going with chess endgames lessons. This is another great video, thx.

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