Chess Endgame: How to Checkmate with a Rook


This video illustrates one of the basic checkmates in chess, showing how to checkmate with a king and rook.

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  1. Can you make a video there you play as defender? I think defending in the hard part in chess.

  2. This doesn't work because it will be a draw because there r too many moves so then it is a draw

  3. @ 3:00 yeah, you don't have enough checking distance but you can play the best move which is Rc6 which forces the black king to move only inside of those four corner squares. It will be mate in 3 or 4.
    Once the black king moves anywhere in those 4 corner squares, you should move the King Kb6 to limit the black kings mobility to two squares. For example if black king moves to Kb8, then (Rc6-Kb8 Kb6-Ka8 Rc8!#) Then if black moves to a8, then (Rc6-Ka8 Kb6-Kb8 Rc4-Ka8 Rc8!#) we would need to make a waiting move using the rook by placing it anywhere in the c-file then after the king moves back to the only square he can be which is a8, rook will deliver checkmate by Rc8.

  4. Thanks. Just played an online opponent, and had gone a rook up. But I haven't played an end game for 20 years plus. I had forgotten how to do this.

  5. I've always used the box method, protecting my rook with my king. Does that work too, or are my opponents just bad?

  6. In my opinion you don't want to line the kings up as if you go left or right one space, you don't have to do the waiting move, for example, at 2:41 , better move would be Kc5 as black would go Ka7, then Kb5, Kb7, and Rh7, repeat.

  7. I usually dont promote to a queen when king + pawn vs king ending just because I love this checkmate. Also a bad use of a queen might give a stalemate while its almost impossible to give stalematr with rook and king

  8. That must be the slowest way to mate with a rook that I ever saw….

  9. thanks, i had to watch during a game on chess. com haha and i won

  10. I often promote to a rook if I am against a lone king, because it is almost no way to mess up and get a stalemate with the rook.

    Edit: It looks cooler too. 😛

  11. But what if black also has a rook? I got stuck in a position where I had a rook, and my opponent also had a rook, so we called it a draw.

  12. This is so distorted. This aspect ratio is what keeps me up at night.

  13. Thank you for this! I've been practicing Rook endgames all day and this made it click immediately!

  14. Amazing I have been analysing engine but got your point

  15. Its super easy to checkmate with 2 rooks

  16. It's makes you wonder how many people don't know how to do this. Cause most people with the king would just resign.

  17. Man, I'm 1900 rated but still messed up a win because I forgot the mating net in this case (time pressure maybe).

  18. I drew 2 games because I didn't know how to do this. Thank you. Now I know.

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