Chess Endgame- King and Queen

In this chess endgame we take a look at how a side can win with a king and queen vs. a king. This is one of the easiest end games but still very important.


  1. Guys what makes it a stalemate? I keep stalemating 😭

  2. I literally just had the guy in this position and didn't know how to execute.. guess that's why I'm here.. won't happen again thanks for the video bro

  3. I have been haunted by the stalemate I had yesterday

  4. Nice. I was starting to question if it was possible to win with only a queen. Thank you a ton

  5. Mental note: make a 2*4 room for your oponent king.

  6. Couldnt you also do the same thing as you would do with a king and rook checkmate?

  7. omfg i stalemate so many times and it was this easy

  8. I feel so stupid for allowing a stalemate

  9. if you ever have king only you should resign, if you dont, youre a dickhead.

  10. I only got 2 minutes left on my game….

  11. Bro, can we appreciate the quality of the mic for 2010?

  12. Thanks, just looked up how to force checkmate with king and queen in the middle of a game.

  13. Thanks, i got stalemate with a queen and king

  14. very helpful video. Now I just need to put it into practice. I just drew a game because I couldn't close out this very same endgame. Shame on me.

  15. I'm still a beginner and just stalemated with my queen and king…now I know what to do and not to do!

  16. I was playing Xavier the 1900 bot and stalemated with a king and queen left

  17. Been to long and i forgot :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@### so pissed at myself atm :s

  18. Hey silly question at 3:26 in the video. If the queen just drops down one spade to e1 is that checkmate or stalemate?

  19. Every single time I am in this position I forget how to do this, stalemate the game, and come back here

  20. Who's here after being frustrated because you stalemated

  21. Drew a game not knowing this endgame, watched this guide right after, won the next game in a king and a queen endgame. Thanks! 😃😄

  22. I just spent half and hour chasing the king and decided to search it on youtube and finally won the game.

  23. Thanks. I’ve just started playing and I find checkmate confusing. This helps.

  24. took me lierally 3 minutes to mate my opponent with king and queen so i decided to look how its done the proper way

  25. anyone else came here after accidentally stalemating at this endgame? hehehe

  26. an experienced player already resign after queen promotes

  27. crazy, just started learning chess and my recent game was this but i had no idea how to checkmate the king so i got a draw cuz of the 50 move rule. Thanks for the vid ! Super helpful and cool.

  28. Still cant do this. Third time watching. Pushed him with the queen. But when it was time to close in with the king he could still move. And moving the king closer would be stalemate. The queen must have got no further than the third rank so he could step up.


  30. Draw why didn't I came here first 😭😭

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