Chess Endgame- King and Queen

In this chess endgame we take a look at how a side can win with a king and queen vs. a king. This is one of the easiest end games but still very important.


  1. that's actually a draw, because of the 3 move limit, if a move is repeated 3 times then it's a draw so it's not very helpful

  2. just stalemated while up 27 points of material😅

  3. anyone else come here because they were scared of the 50 move draw so that they would win lol

  4. I thought i new how to checkmate with queen.. got 2 stale mates

  5. I am new to chess and I keep getting in this position where I have a queen in my king the opponent has just a king but I can never capture his King and we run it until a draw

  6. I just played a game with this situation where the opponent had a lone king. It ended in a draw stalemate. 🤦

  7. Currently watching this while my clock is ticking down hopefully my opponent resigns

  8. I usually treat king queen endgame like I’m checkmating with a rook. Is it any less efficient doing it that way? Like say I have low time on clock

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