Chess Endgame- King and Rook

In this chess endgame we take a look at finishing a game with a king and a rook. The goal is to limit the spaces that the king can move.


  1. This video doesn't actually explain how to checkmate with a king and rook. What you failed to mention is that you need to get your king to have one vertical square between itself and black's king. otherwise your opponent's king can just keep going back and forth and get a draw by repetition. In the video black was not playing accurately.

  2. Excellent video. Thanks very much. I was taught years ago how mate with a rook and king was possible but needed a refresher. Again, thanks for the the very useful video.

  3. What if the king always moves away and you never have the kings in one line?

  4. This is to the guy that couldn't checkmate mez so I offered a draw. Get fooked.

  5. This video definitely teaches the basic principle but for me personally it lacks depth. I've tried against an AI and kings are very good at stalling. If you have any common sense, you'll always when possible use their king to go away from yours. Rooks can block rows or files to trap the king but if your king isn't already in a position to protect your rook (you start on different sides of the board as an example) it's not easy for me at least to apply this tactic.

  6. I didn't know this technique, and just ran out of time to calculate it on my own. Well, lesson learned.

  7. The Queen can corner the King by herself. The Rook needs some help, but good to know it still can be done.

  8. Here after stalemating a rook and king vs king endgame with 4 min on the clock

  9. I manage to mate the opponent in end game with only rook and king

  10. Makes Stitch face from Lilo and Stitch* HIIIIIIIIIIIII KEVINNNNNNNNNN

  11. i knew the part where i had to the get the opponet to limit him to 1 row. But didnt know how to checkmate. Every time.. i had a stalemate or a draw

  12. You can also move to g2 when blacks king is on h2 for mate. (White doesn’t win)

  13. I had 4 minutes left and I didn't want stalemate (lawl)

  14. Noob noob noob 😂😂😂🥷🏿🥷🏿

  15. Watching this, after i gave a checkmate with a king and rook. Asking myself how did i do that?. And now learnt one more new trick…. Bcz mine was quite different

  16. fifth time I came here after messing it…hope it's the last time 😋😊😉


  18. You'd think at 1630 ELO I'd know a rook and king endgame. Was slowly marching him into a corner and blundered repetition stalemate lol

  19. Amazing video. In real time w the clock running this is so hard to rationalize to. Thanks for saving me many stalemates

  20. lol i just drew a 50 move rule and came here right after

  21. very simple and useful explanation! thank you and God bless

  22. Lol, I thought it's not possible to check a king by opponent king and rook, played blindly, got checkmate and I am here:(

  23. There is another method that I like cause I always screw this one up.

  24. needed this last game. Blew a win. Now I know!!! Thanks. Short and sweet.

  25. I wish I had watched this video ten minutes ago

  26. Him – black moves king G5
    Me – wait it never going to happen in real games

  27. i forgot how to do that, cause it never hardly happens, but its cool just to see how to do it again.

  28. I watch this video about every 3rd game. lol, I am so bad at remembering! Thanks for making a 3 minute vide, the others are sooo long and usually I don't have much time on the clock… I can even make it shorter by going to the half-way mark and play it @ 2x speed. =-)

    I have it bookmarked @ 2:54

  29. Watched this during a game, is it considered cheating?

  30. But what if his king constantly keeps moving back and forth and does not chase my rook like mentioned in the video. Than I don't have a chance to trap his king with my own king?

  31. everybody:" I just stalemated with a king and a rook"
    me: feeling like a chad because I learnt how to mate with a rook my myself watching his video

  32. Watched this video after I stalemated with rook and bishop…

  33. so if they avoid the corner you can’t mate them?

  34. I purposely sacrificed all my pieces to practise and ended up loosing to insufficient material after dominated

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