Chess Endgame: Lucena Position


This video covers how to successfully promote your pawn once you’ve obtained the Lucena Position by building a bridge with your rook.

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  1. had this for the very first time after years today and won against a 2150 in rapid

  2. I come at 24–04-2023, and I can say this informations are more powerful than Chessabel Pro Member course. Good Job at explanation, you're a great man. Apreciate it , lope lopre from Indonesia :3

  3. Why does every tutorial video, that covers the Lucena position, have awful taste in chess skins

  4. Jerry Do you know which end game study teaches that underpromoting serves a purpose in some cases. I remember one where the king places itself in a corner so that a promotion to Queen will draw so the correct thing to do is promote to rook

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