Chess Endgame: Opposition & Pawn Promotion


This video provides the viewer with a quick definition of the term “opposition”. Beyond that, I illustrate how to promote a pawn, and defend against your opponent who is trying to promote their pawn.

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  1. Hey Jerry ,today at Chesscube I am 1300 I forced a Stalemate against a 1500 cz of ur amazing video thnx duuuuude 🙂 :D:D:D

  2. This may be irrelevant, but how did you draw those arrows on your video?

  3. I made to 2100 because of your videos thx dude!

  4. I find your pace and detail of explanation very helpful.  Thank you so much.

  5. thank you I always had bad endgame now i can make it beteer

  6. been subscribed to your channel for awhile but decided to check out some archival videos. excellent video.

  7. thank you! excellent clear instruction.

  8. It seems at 2:55 if the black king is just one rank closer, it's a drawing position, because you can't really get in front of your pawn in time before he takes opposition. How can you solve that? It really should have been addressed here if that really is a draw then.

  9. Thanks, but very detailed and slow instructions, I think you could do better if you do it faster,

  10. The best explaination this chess idea I have found on YouTube : )

  11. everything is good but you should have stated the rule at the beginning. that if number of squers is 1 3 5 7 etc who ever did the last move has opposition

  12. 5:03 what if bk goes h5 how do i advance if he goes for the pn
    Should be obvious for you probably but idk

  13. Thank you, Jerry. Much clearer than Anand's explanation of these concepts in a Youtube video I watched today.

  14. In 9:41 you can also move your king to g6 and if th opponent gets the opposition you can just push your pawn to regain opposition

  15. Where are you from? I'm getting really drawn in by your accent

  16. This is the best explanation video for king pawn ending I have seen

  17. at 7:07, why can't white do kG5, then if black king does f8 or g8, white king gets f6. (or if black king does g7, then white king f5, then next move, f6) then advance pawn, and now white is winning.

  18. This type of end game gives me fits. Thanks for introducing me to the concept of opposition.

  19. Thanks for answering my question I knew it was impossible to escape stalemate in that position, I’ll keep that in mind in future matches

  20. Jerry!! Decided to look up this subject and clicked on this video and it turned out the description was by you and it made me happy, because I like your videos on such "how to" chess concepts or when you followed Magnus in a blitz tournament and commented.

  21. Thank you so much sir. Your work is really appreciated. Gratefully your follower.

  22. Thanks mate.
    I have just mated stockfish10 using this method and I'm gonna do that 50 times in a row so that the motherfucker knows who's boss. Man vs Computer (50:0) haha

  23. 50 years old, and now I learn this? All the (extra) games I could have won! This is huge! Thanks man!

  24. Can you make a video how to make checkmate in a regular position

  25. 4:40
    yeah. Luckily White has that extra pawn move.
    But what about if he didn't. How do you calculate the position then?
    These are much more complex positions than advertised in video. If Black can maintain 1, 3 or 5 rank distance from White king and White got no extra move, the latter cannot achieve anything.
    A better technique is laid out by Dvoretsky's endgame book.

  26. I've been going through Capablanca's book and I couldn't figure out the logic behind concept. Thanks for the video.

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