Chess Endgame Practice #1


This chess video is an endgame study involving a Rook + Pawn vs. Rook. Some strategy is involved along with tactics to be aware of. Black can draw the game by keeping some key points in mind. vs

Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. Really good video n,n I want you to teach me xDD keep on working. I'm learning a lot from your viodes n-n.

  2. I remember this endgame, I guess it was in Chessmaster. But awesome video as usual! =)

  3. wow this is so cool… my first impression was a battle for both kings position.. but wow very nice ^^ 5 stars

  4. excellennnt, i took ur basic opening video for school project hahahahahaa i relly like it but it didnt work there 🙁 ive showed some of my friends bout ur videos and theyre inspired just like me =P =D

  5. I don't understand what k37 is. If you mean, what if a different king move in response to the check at 3:07, it doesn't matter. The next move is a8=Q.

  6. Thanks. Didn't work there? What do you mean, took it for a school project?

  7. it didnt work to show my class mate as a project becoz there was no realplayer software, i bet if they all watched they wud luv chess ;ppppp

  8. sorry. i was in a hurry, i meant k37 and nvm yeah a8 will take that off, i need to play more often

  9. Neither, assuming no errors are made. DRAW!

  10. I wish I watched this video 2 days ago when I lost in the exact same ending 🙁

  11. Excellent, thanks. To be honest, I don't often get to endgames like this, I've viewed similar vids about the Luciena position etc ( if that's the correct name ) but don't really get to use the info.

  12. if you keep uploading these helpful videos,you will keep helping million aspiring chessplayers like me become better chessplayer!thank you very much^_^

  13. Doesn't white win after getting checked by the black rook if the white king just advances toward the black rook? Once black saves his rook, white promotes the pawn easily?

  14. couldnt u just move forward the rook to block the king from protecting the pawn?

  15. wow wait so if black plays it correctly, white can not win? even with the pawn up

  16. 2:36 what if the black rook doesnt take the white pawn and moves his king to e6? ( getting closer to the pawn)

  17. Nice video but why are you whispering?

  18. What if the black King on g7 moved to h7?

  19. What if at 4:35 the rook checks the white king then the white king can start marching towards the rook, so after like 6 checks the rook will be forced away from the a file and then u just move the white rook away and promote the pawn.
    EDIT: The white king shud try to zigzag across the white squares so it lands on a2 and not b2.

  20. I know I'm super late for posting a comment, but WOW, after watching this short guide in endgames, I've realized how far I still need to go, it appears like 3 years of chess isn't enough to learn the basics of the game. It's mind-blowing how slow my progress is running. Regardless of how weak I still am up to this day, thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial.

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