Chess Endgame Principles + Examples – Rating Climb 334 to 381 ELO! ( Speedrun)

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0:00 – A GREAT IDEA!
0:54 – Game 1 – Free queen?
10:29 – Game 2 – I’M TOO SLOW
14:50 – Game 3 – I WON IN 2 MOVES!
15:18 – Game 4 – Active king!
26:31 – Game 5 – 2 rooks vs 2 rooks endgame
37:10 – Game 6 – knight and pawn vs rook endgame

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  1. Even as a player who is higher elo this helped me. Struggled a lot against the deadpool bot of 1300 elo. Watched this video and immediately beat him. I like to believe it was because of this video. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi !
    Can you play chess with your viewers because I really want to play with you coz I think I'm kinda underrated and can play better (I'm 600)
    I just wanted you to analyze the games and guess my actual elo (I don't play otb tournaments)

  3. Enjoyed your games! 25:54 Other way to avoid stalemate is to checkmate-in-one. 🙂 Here with Qh1-d1#.

  4. Kills me how impatient people are who picked a 10 minute time control 😂

  5. Also, another thing to mention about trading a rook and a pawn for a bishop and a knight (37:45): these pieces could be attacking the king, and now they are gone, while the rook was simply guarding the pawn at best (at worst, it often gets in the way of your own king). So, after this trade, the king becomes super safe (+ there is no back rank checkmate), and you can just forget about your king until the endgame.

  6. This happened with me and my opponent in a 1600 game. I was playing black and game started with 1. e4 e5 and white resigned coz I didn't played c5 as black 😂😂😂😂😂!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Commenting @ 1:00 lol 400 … 800 elo don't play endgames. I'm living proof

    Thx PETEY (Nelson), I'm a fan.

  8. You are not good at blundering sir! I could give you some helpful instruction for you to improve on your blundering skill for your next videos if you like, just PM me.

  9. At the end of first game, is bh3 a good move because it traps the king?

  10. I wonder if chess is the right game for the first two impatient players.
    Maybe try hungry hungry hippos?

  11. I know this may not be your most viewed videos, but it’s really informative and helpful
    Please don’t stop these kinds of videos they really help me learn

  12. 13:16 actually you can go Nf5 as the bishop is pinned. Then depending on where the kingside rook moves to you can go either Ng3 or Ne3+ later.

  13. I don't like the idea of making bad moves intentionally to show endgames. You can eitrher just play on your regular account for that or wait until you reach a higher level on this account.

  14. 😂 couldn't stop laughing at "powerful move!"

  15. How funny would it be for both players to be streamers trying to demonstrate an endgame, and each of them plays sub-100 chess until the endgame and then they both play bigbrain chess

  16. Peter is on a 117 game winning streak right now. Regardless of the levels you’re playing against that’s pretty awesome. Great work and love the channel.

  17. I managed to get to 600 cuz of Nelson's teaching thank you

  18. I have never laughed so hard at someone being so frustrated at winning a chess game too soon.

  19. i find lots of players at this level up to 900 are not really interested in end games. They want all out fight or nothing else and will just abandon or resign when you get to the end game. Also these people play 10 minute games but it's like they don't know there are other options to play 3 or 1 minute chess which is what they really want. Maybe just play the game to the end game and not talk until after the game.

  20. hi nelson, i find these elo climb videos suuuper helpful. They're changing the whole way I approach the game. Thank you so much!

  21. lol Game 6 I'm just yelling: MOVE NELSON, MOVE!!!!

  22. I was likin your vids till this. Toying with or playing down to an opponent is not good sportsmanship. Teaching opportunity or because people in chat request it is not an excuse.

  23. I don't care for this style. As an intermediate player I got lots of ideas when you were playing at full strength. I loved it. This is deliberate bad chess and not really necessary. As the rating climb people will see real endgames.

  24. The first game is really funny
    I cant believe I was at the same level if not still the same with my 656 elo 😆🤣🤣

  25. very educational. I'm at 900 elo and i struggle at end game most of the time. Thank you Nelson!

  26. So much fun trying to sacrifice the queen! Apparently on the other end there was a similar IM/GM level opponent streaming on what to do when the opponent is repeatedly offering a queen trade 😂

  27. This video should honestly be categorised as comedy hahaha this was so much fun

  28. These are addictive to watch. Can't have enough of them.

  29. Me being stuck around 400 (5min games) am surprised by how easy you make it seem.

  30. Hey Nelson… you choosed a funny name for your speedrun account… do you know what Patzer means in german? It‘s a fluff…. Good name and thank you for your clips

  31. SUGGESTION: Set up the start of the last 10 moves of 10 classic chess games and play them forward.😇

  32. I get what you were doing but it was angering me in the first game.

  33. Love your content Nelson! I’m curious? What would you do if someone reported you for cheating because you were taking to long and you had someone email that you were doing leg exercises because of the gout? But they’re subscribers convinced him you were cheating? Crazy thought huh? Could he have been making rice?

  34. Man, you have to realize: true noobs HATE to trade queens. They blunder them away, but they will not willfully trade them. They don't know how to close without them. That first guy was never going to trade normally.

  35. My game is improving after watching your videos …great…

  36. I'm surprised how good some of these 300 elo players are.

  37. I died of laughter when the third person resigned 😂😂💀 right after saying, "I gotta stop talking so much because people resign"

  38. 8:20 I'd probably try to open up the g-file and attack the King that way.

  39. Appreciating the trim dude. I think the crew cut suits you as well. You have the same problem as me in trying to cover the thinning. I EVENTUALLY just embraced my balding and looked at myself like a fine wine ( was good to start with, them an awkward phase where I wasn't so good, then flourished into a new flavour) 😂

  40. 'I'm going to have to blunder a piece in a minute because my position is too strong…' said me….never

  41. 29:05 why didn't you play rook e8? If the opponent got tunnel vision and kept pushing, they would lose a queen, and if they did notice it, well, you got a free tempo

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