Chess Endgame: Queen + King vs Rook + King (Philidor)

This video illustrates the solution to one of the several key positions stemming from a Queen vs Rook endgame (Philidor), one of the most difficult endgames to fully understand. Additionally a defensive resource is shown to the viewer.



  1. This is gold as far as I'm concerned. I've been looking for a way to play the defending side against kids for a while now. I'm still not ready but I'm a lot closer 👍

  2. I did it the other way round! My (human) opponent resigned in a similar situation (Q+pawns v rook+pawns) and out of curiosity I set to finish the game v the computer and I couldn't win (even though it kept evaluating me as +60 or something like that)!! I then realized how devilishly difficult this ending is. Of course there is the whole question of how you get to your starting position … that also involves loads of tactics and colour ideas. Really tough ending I agree!!

  3. Thank you. In fact, it is simple once one incorporates the triangulation idea but one has to know/see that.

  4. Visualization of such endgame positions is always easy to understand. Thanks alot

  5. is it just me or someone else feel bad for that rook?

  6. It certainly isn't over till it's over , end games with just a few pieces are damn tricky if you don't know the formula.

  7. Hardest part of this endgame is to force the rook and King into that philidor position

  8. 10:49 IN LAST VARIATION u don't need to zig zag ,when mjnd moves to G8 you can move quee. To d5 and after king goes yo corner you can queen h1 and once king moves you land fork on g1 😎

  9. Younger Jerry sounds… well younger 😂

  10. I've actually reached the weaker side in 4 otb tournament games. Lost 2, drew 2.

  11. Today, I was playing chess online and Queen vs Rook really took place in the Endgame. But in the end, the game was drawn in a King vs King manner. I had Black pieces The King and the Rook, my opponent had White pieces The King and the Queen.

  12. If i was in that position would probably be a stale mate in some way

  13. Thank you for such a clear and candid lesson. I beat myself up about not getting a lot of this right but it is refreshing for a skilled chess player to be so open about how difficult such an endgame is. Thank you Chess Network!

  14. 2nd scenario white could’ve played e6 and forked the king and the rook. From there it would be easy to win

  15. If the queen d7 the rook blocks and then give mate

  16. Next up: How to win a game of chess with only 1 pond

  17. sorry to say but this man makes me irritating. He talk a lot unnecessarily.

  18. Yet another Queen versus Rook endgame video where they don't show you how to get to the starting position.

  19. If you've watched this video more than once, congrats! You're an excellent subscriber.

  20. Very, very nice analysis. First time I've ever been able to truly intuit this win.

  21. 1.5x speed is perfect. Guy is speaking so slow I almost fell asleep

  22. Very very wonderful video Boss. Really appreciated.

  23. 10:44 Play Qh5 check and queen g5 check and zig zag down to got the rook and if the king take opposition we can checkmate the king.

  24. Very helpful video, thank you for your help. 🙂

  25. "The rook is dead" Reminds me of Jeetedra Advani

  26. What if at the time of triangulation after Qe4+ king goes to Kg8 instead of Kh8? then Qe8+ can be recovered by Kh7 again. Please tell what to do then

  27. 1:34 very logical move that king getting close to the other king.

    Me: Queen to e6 check and you winning the rook.

  28. In the “dont move the king” position i would do the fork

  29. I saw Giri resign to Carlson after this endgame was forced, so I guess at the highest levels they know how to force a win.

  30. "let me show you what everyone else on youtube is showing you"

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