Chess Endgame (Queen vs Rook & Bishop)

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  1. Cool puzzle. Very annoying how the narrator stresses the word "and" and "so" but what can you do?

  2. noticing that black has no more moves! zugzwang for the win

  3. At 7:15 why doesn't black move their queen to C1. Black must counter with Rook to G8 or lose their Bishop, at which point white can trade queen for Rook, leaving potentially drawable game.

  4. Never mind. I wasn't paying attention to the discovered check on the king.

  5. when the pawn is on h2 doesnt it xg1 # ????

  6. thank u for ur reply.. can u be specific when?..or what time in video?

  7. thank u so much buddy..Position was taken from the game but in actual game this didn't happen..It was later analyzed and I found it very interesting so posted over here.

  8. @Kevin Martinez

    No,because the black king is in check of the bishop on a1.

  9. he can take that bishop of he discoveres check from the queen and the bishop is at the same line 😀

  10. thanks for improving my chess skills. i like your video bro

  11. When Rook moves to g8, why not black play h*g8 and promote to queen

  12. the thrick is that if you move the rook, check. Most of the squares can be attacked so the Queen dont have enough space.

  13. I lost to my dad in this position, i want to never repeat this mistake again.

  14. When the bishop is on the bottom left. Queen can come down and fork the bishop and the king with a check winning the bishop piece. So how the tactic doesn’t work

  15. Wow a zugswang queen trap. This is amazing 🤩

  16. Great puzzle 11 yrs later. Not much stuff on rook bishop v queen endgame out there

  17. Couldn't the queen move to a square that is protected by a pawn, so that when the rook captures, the pawn can recapture?

  18. at 9:37 instead of queen to c2 we can play b1 and that was check for white king and then queen can take bishop and then white will left with just one move which is to protect white rook and then we will left with a queen and white has just a rook and we will win eventually -__-

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