Chess Endgame: Rook Pawn + Bishop of Wrong Color


This is an important endgame position to be familiar with involving rook pawns, and bishops (of the wrong color) that are not able to control the queening/promotion square.

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  1. Wait I'm confused. White can only win in this position if he gets a queen from the rook pawn? Should Black not lose considering he is unable to win? Like since blacks next move means he will be captured afterwards, he loses. Or if he just moves to the side, he loses. Why the stalemate instead?

  2. These endgame analyses are great – please make more !!

  3. At 2:22, I think Kh7 also wins for white, although it might take a few moves longer as he will have to manoeuvre his king off the h-file in order to queen the pawn

  4. In a blitz game recently I reached a rather amusing position where I was white and managed to get in a position with my lone king on f2, and black with his king on h1, a pawn on h2, and knight on h3 (putting me in check). Black tried for many moves to try to win but was unable to stop my king from just oscillating between f1 and f2, thereby securing the draw.

  5. Very informative.

    Hey, what software are you using? I love the look of that interface.

  6. @Alientcp
    pretty much any good chess software has that interface. This looks like deepfritz.

  7. I propose changes to point system in chess , 3 points for checkmate , 1 point for draw each and in case like this 2 points for person with material left and 1 for person with lone king .

  8. Nice video jerry, but can you also make videos of more difficult endgames like opp. coloured bishop vs bishop+2 pawns,Q vs minor pieces, rook endgames like rook vs rook + connected pawns etc. Thank you.

  9. How could anybody not like these videos?. Kudos

  10. You learn to play the real chess with such dept of advice, a new world opened up for me after I took the lessons of Josh Waittzkin in Chessmaster 9000. His voice is pretty similar as yours but he talks way too fast sometimes.
    Keep up the good work and thx.

  11. Think last one is incomplete…..I wont take that bishop now

  12. yrret1996 That is not a legal move.

  13. Is KH7 also a sufficient move to prevent stalemate?

  14. for all the comments in last example black cannot play g6 as it is pinned

  15. With the king's bishop, the h-pawn is the wrong rook pawn, and with the queen's bishop, the a-pawn is the wrong rook pawn.

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