Chess Endgame: Rook vs Bishop

This is an important endgame position to be familiar with involving a rook versus a bishop. Generally speaking the defending side should move their king to a corner square that is of the opposite color of the bishop to allow for stalemate positions.



  1. Years later update: “Got something out of it.”

  2. you have similiar voice with talkingthrones

  3. Да, это ничейная позиция ! Так же как и ладья с конём.

  4. How about rook vs knight? Is that a draw, given that both sides are equally strong?

  5. I won a tournament by doing this. I was white and I was able to force a stalemate. I already have the most wins and all I needed to do to win the tournament was to not lose. Thank gosh I had watched this video!

  6. I'm just an average player. I often find myself slightly ahead or tied with my opponent, but I loose so often in the end game so I excited to see these types of videos. Who knows maybe I'll be Joe soon. Thanks!

  7. Why can't white just go rook to c7 and then c8 for checkmate?

  8. How did this end up in my recommended… I dont even play chess…

  9. I was playing chess last night with my brother and i got tired so we didn't end it. We left the game when i had a king and a rock and he had a king and a bishop and now when i woke up went on youtube this video is recommended to me. Is this just a huge coincidence or is youtube algorithms just insane?

  10. Is this cuz I looked up how to play rook on r6 siege?

  11. Its always so refreshing to watch old videos… Thanks yt

  12. Learned a lot from this…I had this exact match up…I was the attacking side (only difference was I was handling black).. I'd I also thought my opponent had drawn, if not for his blunder which allowed me to get the bishop via fork…now I learned both sides of this thanks to this vid

  13. This popped out just in time for me! I ended up with a draw yesterday when I was playing with a rook

  14. "King can't be mated" guess because there's no queen… only a bishop

  15. I tilhink Rook wins, I just feel like its stronger and, you cant checkmate your enemy only with Bishop and King, but you can checkmate only using King and Rook

  16. You can win with a rook by using the rook to pin the bishop to the king with more than 2 spaces between the bishop and king

  17. Спасибо за это видео 👍

  18. Once again, opening theory is always evolving, endgames not so. Time is better spent on the latter first.

  19. End game is the most difficult stage in a chess game.
    Thank you too much. 🌹🌹🌹

  20. Time to challenge the bot that have been playing with me

  21. I think your video just bumped me ~ 300 ELO rating.
    Feels great to reach 350! 😀
    That's Gold, Jerry! Gold!

  22. I'm playing a game now where my opponent's king and bishop are in the middle of the board not in a corner. How do I push the king into the last row?

  23. whatever he would do it will always be a stalemate

  24. Why not just move the rook to A7 or B7 why attack the bishop?

  25. In the position with the dark-squared bishop, the black king might try to go to a8 or h1 if lucky.

  26. If you have a rook against bishop and all pieces are put in a random position say near the center of the pitch . Not in special cases as you say . Then , is there an algorithm of how to force a checkmate ?

  27. I won this position in a tournament. With the rook obviously

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