Chess Endgame: Rook vs Bishop

This is an important endgame position to be familiar with involving a rook versus a bishop. Generally speaking the defending side should move their king to a corner square that is of the opposite color of the bishop to allow for stalemate positions.



  1. Thanks for this informative, concise video. I recently lost such an endgame and was trying to recall which color square I was supposed to run toward.

  2. Well In this type of situation, I think there is another option for the weak side to defend, like king on f8 and bishop on a1. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. this is not correct,tablebase shows hat 40% of the positions is fored win so this position is not always theortical draws.

  4. Hi,

    I am from los Angeles, I do enjoy and learn from your videos. Thx for making the videos, I am sure it greatly helps many others just as it did me.

    Have a blessed day

  5. theres something off about the kings symbol. it should have a cross on the top, not a box with an X in it.

  6. At 1:49, we see ..Bg3.  Why not have  ..Bg1 ?  If this and the prior white move were repeated 3 times it would be a draw.  If white's king comes to assist, then black's king can escape from the dark-square corner of the board.

  7. You can easily get out of stalemate by just moving the white king down a square

  8. Thanks for all the videos you made! I love them!

  9. What are you saying Nicholas Wong.The white king cannot go to G7 because it will be next to blacks king and that is an illegal move from white.

  10. If there is a black bishop – can u chase the other king to a dark square?

  11. At the start can't the rook just take the bishop by moving in between the two kings?

  12. 3:44 I don't understand how chess works. Why does White not get a waiting move? Why is it considered stalemate when black has no more moves if you could do one waiting move as white there. You can't move the king to G7 or H7 and if you move the bishop king gets killed, so can someone explain to a beginner like me why it's considered a stalemate instance?

  13. Hello i'm from Greece more specifically Crete thank you for the video it helped me a lot.

  14. Gosh i love learning stuff that will never happen

  15. If White is somehow stupid enough to PURPOSELY try to checkmate himself, by forcing his king into a corner of the opponent’s bishop’s square’s color and allowing his own rook and the opponent’s king to block his king in

    Wait no the rook could still interpose and it would be a draw

  16. I have forced a couple of draws in this situation. I learned by watching video. Thank you!!😎

  17. Very well explained. Precise and to the point!

  18. 4:33 what about Ba6 or Be6? Protecting the c8 square so the rook can't go there

  19. Please increase the contrast of the pieces, as it is now it's light grey and dark grey.

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