Chess Endgame Tips Every Player Should Know

Alexandra shares some tips and principles that will help you get advantage in the endgame and win more chess games. Drop a like and let us know in the comments what other educational content you would like to see next!
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  1. Excellent video! Thanks for the lesson. I look forward to more.

  2. This is a wonderful video…. I'd love to see more videos such as this, teaching chess concepts

  3. The square rule will definitely make things a lot easier! Thanks!

  4. I just won a game thank to passed pawn advice thanks

  5. Awesome stuff Alex!! I really love how you joined all the strategies together! It makes it easy to see how it all links together!! I've also made endgames videos on my channel too! It would be really cool if you check it out! ^^

  6. Ok, she’s like a 12. Very intelligent, articulate and gorgeous. Whoever marries her wins. Wins everything.

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    Irene Sukandar
    she's in US right now. could you win over her?

  9. Ma Sha Allah Dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️…I agree with you…I like you both (sisters)

  10. Alex's voice was very pleasant in this video

  11. "Hit her with the motorbotez"

    Jk 😂, Good video explaining ending games, Alex. That's something I've had trouble with during my learning of chess as I'm still a noob.

  12. That format is great – and a very digestible length as well. Nothing against Danja, but like 10 1 hour videos just on pawn endgames imho target a very advanced and thus narrow viewership. This is more to the point even for ppl who already learned at some point and just want a little refresh on the topic 🤗

    Can you do rook endgames next? Like just philidor / lucena position and how to hold / convert them?

  13. Make more endgame videos. We wanna be as good as Magnus come summer time.

  14. I’d love to see end games 2 that continues exploring the topic!

  15. Very well done and highly appreciated for the way that you presented each tip, very simple and precise. This will help me to to teach and explain to some of my friends who are beginners about endgames and certain strategies. Thank you for a very well done video 🙂

  16. thanks for this! im on a massive losing streak rn bc i always end up blundering pawns in endgames so this vid was perfectly timed.

  17. Glad to know of your great knowledge about endgame, BUT WHY ARE U STILL A 2000 RATED 🤣

  18. Some Middlegame would be nice i guess in the future :))

  19. Hi, Alexandra…, Excellent chess video and very informative, and "Thank you" for sharing the video… I learned more about Chess tonight and I…, "Thank you." * Alexandra…, you are bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: I would like to know more about Checkmates and "Pawn Storms", and one question: #1) "Who is "Lu Miaoyi"…, a 13-year-old chess player…, that is beating Chess Grandmasters' all over the world ?" Her mother is "Xu Yuanyuan" Woman Grandmaster ( WGM )… Chess Grandmasters' are talking about this young chess player… * Alexandra…, "Who is this 13-year-old from China and the United States…, ( Lu Miaoyi ) ?" Thank you… Mike is in Montana 🙂

  20. Hi, Alexandra…, more educational and institutional chess videos on "Checkmates" and "Pawn Storms". Excellent chess video and very informative, and "Thank you" for sharing the chess video… * Alexandra…, you are bright, intelligent, and attractive… I learned more about Chess tonight and I…, "Thank you." More educational and institutional chess videos are very helpful, especially for chess beginners, post beginners, and Club Players… Once again, "Thank you." " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: I "Subscribed" to your excellent chess channel and rang the bell, too… Looking forward to more educational and institutional chess videos'… Thank you… Mike 🙂

  21. these are all very basic endgame concepts. I would like you to show how to win king and Queen vs King and Rook endgame, also how to mate a lone king with 2 bishops and with bishop and knight. I learned how to do all these. 2 bishops isn't that hard but knight and bishop and Q vs R endgame are very difficult. By the way I'm only somewhere between 1600-1800 so anyone can learn these with study. You should also discuss Zugzwang, diagonal opposition, triangulation, square/color weakness, zwischenzug, bishops of opposite colors, and other complicated endgames. These may be above your average channel watcher but the real chess players will appreciate it.

  22. Good stuff ! Thanks for taking a moment to explain this to us! It is a lonely planet. And trying to sell merch! That is not the easiest. Hug a cop!

  23. ❤❤❤ it is amazing tips. I think. Cause i used one of your old opening tips and i improved so much by using them.

  24. Can I buy your hoodie it looks so cool,where can I get one

  25. This is really good, Alexander. When I was growing up there was nothing as clear and concise as this available to me, so I was unable to learn the finer points of chess. Almost anything like this is incredibly useful to help me improve.

  26. nothing make any sense on the left side of the screen when there is an extremely beautiful women is talking on the right side of the screen.

  27. I've watched this what feels like 100 times now and still haven't been able to take in more than four words. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  28. Thank you Alexandra! It was amazing! Please make more of those(if you are available to do so of course)

  29. Too brief, IMO. I do really like educational content, but would have liked to hear more in-depth discussion of the concepts. It took me a lot of effort to start understanding kings taking opposition a few months ago when I first learned about it, and I'm not sure how helpful this introduction to the concept would have been. On the other hand, I've been reminded, repeatedly, that I am not the sharpest bulb in the crayon box.

  30. Pretty cool! But don't teach all the patzers how to beat me!

  31. End game is a weak point for me, I love these instructive videos id like more

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