Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. That rook sacrifice line was a bit too reduced

  2. FOUND IT🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  3. Cheesscape:
    "Sacrifice da ruk"
    Gothamchess:"Sacrifice THE ROOOOOOOK

  4. Wait I was at same match and this was not the position but the opponent had a bishop and I had a rook and I offer a draw he accepted did I f*cked up? Btw I had 2 seconds

  5. Why was da ruk not said with energy? WE NEED ENERGY BOYS. "We sacrifice Darrook, so he cant ch4ckm0te us"

  6. 'The killer move here is to sacrifice da…


    (Aww, poor rook lost his superpowers… alright, Chessscape, you poisoned da ruukh, didn't you?? 🤭🤭 — don't answer that, just kidding.)

  7. If you bring your king to c7 and they bring their pawn to a7 you can take b7 with the king and that stops it

  8. Bruh he just moved his second pown what do i do now 😭

  9. " the killer move here is to sacrifice *echoing* da ruk "

    hey, may i know what voice edit you use in the beginning? thanks

  10. There's a counter to this stalemate for white but using the counter makes a draw by insufficient material the counter is moving the bishop of the diagnosis of the front pawn so we can take the pawn but than there's no way to protect the other pawn so we can take it next move and it's a draw

  11. For everyone who don't know this puzzle, it was a game played between Shankland and Anish Giri of almost the same position, the pawns on b6,b5 and black pawn on b7 with a light squared bishop for white. However Shankland resigned the position where he could've saved the game.

  12. "IS TO SACRIFICE ᵈᵃ ʳᵘᵏ"
    That killed me lmfao

  13. Me looking at this as if i was gonna pull this of in my games: 🤔

  14. Hey chesscape 2 questions
    What editing software do you use?
    What and how do you come up with these puzzles?

  15. Pin or infinite stalemates in your games

  16. I found King C7 while playing chess with my cousin 😎👌

  17. "Sacrifice da Rukh (rukh is persian for chariot)"
    Levy: Say "ROOOOOOK", not "Rukh"

  18. Videos topic should be "try not to lose" 💀💀

  19. You could also stalemate even not sacrifising the rook

  20. Yeahhhh I think I’ll just stick with my 500 elo 😎

  21. What if balck king move forward and kill the new whitequeen after check and we can play with the black rook

  22. Rythem of Thousand sunlight Musical Beats WHERE?!

  23. if I play pawn to a6 I will win with white

  24. I dont get it … Why not just take the b pawn with the Rook? Then move to the a file?
    Oops, didn't see the Bishop.

  25. wait, in the first line, you still can get a draw by playing rb3 after a8=Q, attacking the queen with the bishop. after kxb3, bxa8 is a draw by insufficient material

  26. Why do we accept the rook sacrifice. What if white moves king to C4

  27. Yeah, this is pretty elementary though. The white king is too far to support b6

  28. but white could move the bishop then the only move for black is to take the pawn

  29. If he attacks my rook, he’s not my friend

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