Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. how to win in this very specific circumstance where black doesnt want to offer up his queen to protect his king

  2. Da Ruukh b1 and the queen is forced to take or move the king and you knew the next move right?

  3. Why can’t the king move to the D file and threaten the rook?

  4. if they offer draw then they will take that rook in their first move with queen, please correct me if I am wrong

  5. Push the rook that is closer to the king to the first row and if the queen takes the rook you kill with king, but if the king moves, you take with the rook making it king and other rook with other king. If the king is stupid, the king will move away from the queen and if you take it, it will make it two rooks (latter mate) and a king versus other king. GG

  6. It’s always draw and it’s up to the position we can make the position that queen wors the rook and queen wins

  7. what if Rc5 Kd4 attack the rook with the king and if the rook goes away it might be dangers for the white king or and the queen may fork the one rook with the king.

  8. The rooks are 2 different pieces and the queen is one piece

  9. If only this endgame had come up even once in the 10,000+ games I have played, that knowledge would have come in really handy.

  10. Its a draw after rook b1 queen cant move so king can move to c3 and when rook takes Queen the king takes the rook

  11. Rook to e3 and king moves a4 and inline check to pin queen and win

  12. 2 Rooks are worth 10 points becae they're 5 points a piece.

  13. Rook b1 i think, then the queen is pinned and the rook is protected by the king, so queen is forced to take the rook, king takes the queen, then you corner the black king and checkmate for white
    Edit: no wait, the rook in c3 goes in c2, and now… wait, that’s too complicated my brain is about to explode HELP

  14. If you play black queen to a1 like not a noob it becomes a cat mouse game and draw instead. Shoot, wish i could make my opponent play dumb like you

  15. There was late in 2 after the queen moved use the rook closes to the queen and go to C7 then play Rb8 use the room closes to your king and checkmate there is a lot of ways to stop this but it’s on the board

  16. You are not exactly winning as a right queen move can just stop a ladder

  17. Its not Clear i lost one of my rooks

  18. They can block with queen then it is a draw

  19. You could've checkmated way faster, from the beginning, rook to c2, then any move the opponent plays, you block the king and mate him the ladder way, he blocks with queen, take queen and it's mate

  20. This confirms that Twin towers are worth more than the Queen of chessland

  21. Rook B1 works because they are forced to move the king away or the queen to c1 (XRAY)

  22. When rook move to 5C the king easily eats the rook 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Rook c3 then king c2 then its a prevented check

  24. To take the queen rook to C2 takes, Takes and then set up a rook king checkmate

  25. ok im lost, how do you get the queen in 2 moves? Check the King and he just moves to the right

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