Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. "No its not Rb1.Its Ka1!!!!!Brilliant move!Sacrifice the KING!"

  2. I think rook e3 then u get the queen not matter what

  3. "how do you win the queen in 2 moves?"
    Uhhhh king a1

  4. I’d like to see 2 knights and a bishop vs a queen next time, I can see the forky forky and skewy skewy coming

  5. Just put the rook in b2 to b1 and you got the queen bro

  6. Bro said "The king's work of shame started"😂

  7. Why not just do rb1 and win on next move 😂

  8. Actually helpful, and I’ve been playing awhile. Thanks.

  9. First if you end up in that position rook c2 then h2 and then h1 we won in just 2 moves cuz when he is at h2 there is no better way to check mate than going down

  10. It was mate in 3 1. But the rooks next to each other 2. Put one rook on the 7th rank 3. Put the other rook on the 8th rank 4.checkmate

  11. I'd find this and then move the C rook for the pin

  12. I mean if you follow what he said in that position you might loose both rooks, so ye, instructions unclear

  13. Nice position to know, but it is a very special case and does not alone justify the Horowitz count 10-9 material advantage.

    There are more positions where the Rooks are not coordinated and one will fall with a double attack check by the Queen.

  14. move the rook to b1 and then that means you pin the queen to the king so that means teh king cannot move out the way or it is check, after that you trade the rook for the queen and then you can checkmate with 1 rook

  15. Slam the c3 rook to the h file and slamit down to h1 checkmateing cause the king is stuck behind the queen or put the c3 rook on c2 and the b2 rook on b1 if the queen takes the c2 rook before u put the other on b1 you just take and the b1 rook pinna the queen and is protected by the king

  16. Re3 or what? If block, takes if he runs away you pin the queen with the b2 Rook

  17. This only works if they are actively trying to avoid a draw

  18. scammed he missed the opponent's agressive reply


  20. Rook to B1 and if take our Rook so we capture his Queen

  21. check the king by moving rook to e3 then the queen will have to move the queen to defend by placing queen on e2 capture the queen and the king will be checkmated in two to three moves

  22. Pin the queen with the b rook. No matter what black does, the queen is taken regardless.

    No matter where the king moves, rook takes the queen. If the queen takes, white's king was protecting the b rook and can capture the queen.

  23. Instructions unclear: got a draw from the 50 move rule

  24. kxa1 and you lose for illegal move

  25. If we don't get a Brooklyn guys birthday I'm gonna burn down a little Caesars

  26. Turm b2 jetzt.warum?Ganz einfach Dame kann nur schlagen den turm weil sie fest sitzt.ansonsten hätte ich dan Turm mit Dame getauscht und mit den König und einen Turm den König schwach gesetzt

  27. You need to skewer them and you will wing 9 points and they will win 5 points

  28. Simple. Rook to b1, Queen takes, King takes, now you have a rook and your opponent has none.

  29. its the matter of who starts. If black starts this than its a draw

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