Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. Re3 white
    if black moves Qe2, Rook takes queen so
    Kf1 black forced
    Rb1 white pinning the queen
    whereever black king moves, rook will take the queen and white is winning

  2. put da rukh on e3,
    king scare and run
    and yu put the other rukh on b1 and pinnity ponnity pin the queen and win the match

  3. The issue is that most likely there are pawns therefore, the king hides to avoid these tactics

  4. Please explain why cant the king go to d4 instead of e4, or did I just debunk you

  5. Bro opponent are not always dumb they wouldn't ever play such game

  6. Rook D3 Queen is forced to protect the King and moves to D2 and you take

  7. Queen trap-> Re3+ and after king moves, Rb1 pinning the queen

  8. Give a check with the top rook the king can't move up to attack the rook cause it is guarded by the other. As soon as the king moves right side of the queen pin them with the rook near the king attacking the queen

  9. "If your opponent offers a draw, it's a Scam" 😂😂😂

  10. Is because Rooks is kinda like the same situation as 9/11

  11. Can someone explain why not king d4? Or even queen d4?

  12. Rook b1, rook b1, pinning the queen to the king…

  13. is the move rook e3 and then rook b1?

  14. Bro if I knew that why would I watch you video ??

  15. Move the rook on the B file to b1! Zugzwang occurs and you win the queen, and the game!

  16. I can get queen in 4th move and ya Chek mate also in same move is obvious

  17. "how do you win the queen in 2 moves?"
    my 500 elo brain: soo? em how you do that?

  18. Move the left rook down and queen is forced to take or the king can move out of the way either way queen is gone then you mate with rook and king left

  19. Wait how about u put the c2 rook on b7 and the b2 rook on b8 ( i hace no idea rn so)

  20. If you have 2 queens versus a rook you are winning

  21. Rb1

    Queen takes, retake with king /
    King moves, rook takes queen

    Winning king and rook endgame either way

  22. C3 to b3 and the b2 rook goes b1 and the Queen was captured

  23. Or rook b1 if queen takes he loses and if queen runs it’s just gonna lead to checkmate anyway

  24. It’s almost every time a draw – queens can check perpetually

  25. I only know checkmate here rook c3 to h3 black king moves rook h4 black king moves again to another square boom then rook h1 checkmate.

  26. Actually if you go closer to the rooks then they have to move the rooks back which gives you time to fight back and create an attack

  27. Rook e3 checkk king f1
    Rook b1 the queen is pinned!

  28. There are 1000 variants where black wins

  29. Bro I have a question that rook+bishop=queen and 5+3=8
    Then why the worth of queen is 9 points why not 8 points?

  30. Opponent can easily protect the check by placing the Queen in d5 and give a check at the same time.

  31. There was an easy way to win but you chose the long one

  32. Ladder mate is the only one i know how to do. If i cant i have to wing it

  33. Rook b1 and pin the queen to the king

  34. "If your opponent offers a draw, it's a scam"

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