Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

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  1. Instructions unclear I captured both of my rooks

  2. rook c2, king f1, rook c1 queen takes rook and rook takes queen

  3. Wrong! The opponent isn't THAT dumb. He can just move the queen where the rook would be trying to check the king, blundering your rook.

  4. You win the queen by moving rooks to b1 and c1

  5. 2 rook is 10 points, but 2 queens is 18 points

  6. Cant u checkmate using two rooks the ladder checkmate

  7. Annoying bro why teach us all that and then not show how to execute the move till the end. Hence the most important part.

  8. rook to e3 and if queen blocks take and so on with check to the bottom right corner

  9. After 3 consecutive check the match will be draw.

  10. Da Ruuk on b2 to b1 the Queen is forced to take the ruuk, and them take the queen with your king.

  11. the king can go diagonally and kick one of the rooks easily…

  12. Rook b2 to b1 queen taken then you can do rook and k8ng check mate rook b2 to b1 and rook c3 to c1 and you wouldve kept the rooks ez ladder mate after that

  13. I can win the queen but there's go my rook

  14. Rook b1 and he has one move king F1 and we got queen❤

  15. Rook b2 queen take b2 and king take b2

  16. Why not just put the queen between the rook and the king at d5?

  17. Stupid position for the queen. Try that with the queen in the middle

  18. You just pin the queen with the rook on b1

  19. It’s rook B1 period guys. The King is unable to capture both Rooks. It’s an easy Rook/King mating pattern after the king takes the first Rook

  20. If this was less than 2000 elo they white wouldnt do this

  21. Noob just checkmate the king in uooer side

  22. The queen could have got checkmate in 1 on a1

  23. you can use rook at b2 and place it at h2 then h1 forcing check on king which leaves the queen open and you take

  24. Maybe you’re right. But I always prefer to have the queen instead of the rock

  25. Closest rook down if she captures capture back

  26. I showed this to my friend he said: you should move the rook to C1 and SACRIFICES THE ROOOOK

  27. You made a stupid move, after placing the castles next to each other and the queen moves
    You couldve ended the game is 2 moves, by moving the castle on c2 to c7 to block the king
    And move the castle on b2 to b8 then thats a checkmate

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