Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. If you are giving advice for black please turn the board around 😊😊😇

  2. Not sure why white would play king h2 instead of using the rook to offer a trade or check blacks king… seems like an awful blunder

  3. bro i gotta admit, i became an endgame master cause of you. I apreciate you fr.

  4. Why not ra8, fxg3, re8+, rxe3 then put the rook behind the other pawn

  5. Sometimes in endgames when you have 30 seconds on the clock you just got hope you’re doing the right thing

  6. During that game I thought about rook f5 which (I think) would get the pawn because black is forcing the white king to move

  7. Hey ur explanation is so good what is your rating?

  8. I was so confused if i was black or white for 3/4 of the short

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  10. Or play rook check to rd3 if he pushes pawn play rd1 threatening took take if he takes rook take with pawn promote

  11. Using the pawn as a pawn😊
    Continue these great clips😊

  12. If I ever was in a real game, I would have just queened the pawn and get very mad because of the draw

  13. Why do i even watch these all my games dont have an endgamd

  14. Wdym Ur tied ok but theres no Queen yet so just push the white pawn

  15. I saw a video of carlsen explaining It, this puzzle Is beatiful

  16. ngl you made me an endgame menace
    thanks mah man

  17. new strat unlocked : blunder early and mid game but destroy the opponent in the endgame

  18. The guy: yes move here and here
    Me: wait how do you move your rook when your in check 💀

  19. What if you do a waiting move like king f1? Then the king can’t go nearer to the pawn cause of rook so they push pawn then do another waiting move with the king then when they push it again you go in front of the pawn and king can’t protect it?

  20. Umbrella can happened if they pushed the flank pawn until it reach king side🤓

  21. What you saw : attack pawn
    What I saw : sacrifice the rook and then queen

  22. When he attack the pawn why don't white play a2 pinning the pawn

  23. I’ve become comfortable and better at end-games that my friends and family try their best to end the game during the middle game.

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