Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. Can any1 explain why the last part is stalemate

  2. Pawn h2 putting king in check and then promoting

  3. Can someone explain how this is not checkmate? It was white move after black king moved. Is that not check?

  4. Title should be changed to “know a trick that will never happen”

  5. Wait a sec, what if when you move the king to g1, why don’t you just push the (now protected thanks to bishop) pawn than if the king moves to f2 than you can sac the bishop for a newly promoted queen, than just ladder check mate with the king and the queen

  6. yes its stalemate but shouldnt the trapped king lose? its common sense, people who made chess…

  7. What if you just advanced the pawn after you move the bishop?

  8. Wrong numbering of fields and colours.
    This is so wrong on all levels. What was blacks move before he got himself in to this?

  9. Just use three moves to make a right angle triangle thing so that the king isn't in its usual place.

  10. sacrifice the bishop, promote to queen and mate in few

  11. What if you dont move the bishop cause and push your king where theirs were instead?

  12. Can't you just do a normal pawn and king endgame?

  13. Wait why king moving left makes a stalemate, white clearlye loses by checkmate

  14. black king goes to f3 then the white king goes to g1 and then we push our pawn with a check so the white king moves to f1 which can give it a checkmate by playing pawn to h8 promoting to a queen

  15. I had this same situation when playing with my little brother and I was so annoyed

  16. Kindergardner would draw this with finger in nise

  17. Instead of pushing your king push your pond that will give a check

  18. After King G2, don't push your pawn, instead bring your king

  19. Just keep the bishop there if white kills it then get a queen with your pawn and if not then get your king where they have to move their king away so you can promote and don't worry about the bishop

  20. Stalemates are more common at corner of boards

  21. check the king with your pawn being protected by the bishop idk im only 750 elo 😂


    Ok is he attack the Bishop let him because the sacrifice is to get the white the king away from the promotion square

  23. I’m curios why that would be considered a stalemate and not check mate?

  24. The bishop do be being a cop controlling those dark squares 💀💀💀

  25. Sac the bishop it will give way for Rook to escape you can protect the square which the pawn is and move both of them till the pawn gets promoted and now you can checkmate him

  26. What if black does the triangulation tactic? Could black somehow protect the pawn AND have it queen while avoiding stalemate?

  27. After king G2 just move your rook to F1 after king takes push your pawn and king can't grab the pawn

  28. Wouldn't it be checkmate because the king had nowhere to go? I don't understand this stalemate and draw shenanigans

  29. Pawn on edge files in an endgame is a draw 99% to of cases I think

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