Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know

Chess Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. Wrong . The black wins of they have the first move.

  2. After king e2, just go to f3, white king has to move and you push the pawn and prevent the white king from attacking both the bishop and the pawn, and you can easily promote

  3. Bro you could win easily, let me explain:
    After the bishop move near the black pawn you can go and do check and the the king have nowhere to run but to the white square at the right and then the pawn goes and becomes queen and thats it! If im not missing something

  4. Put the pawn from H3 to H2 when king is in G1 and bishop is in G3😂😂

  5. Bro I just moving my king suddenly 1kingvs3queen he made cuz he can't check mate me and he used up draw💀💀💀

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  7. Rook to G1 allow to promote to a Queen or rook, ladder checkmate.

  8. Nah bro thats winnable just drop the king a lil

  9. no one talking about the black pawn moved backwardd

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