chess endgame you must know

Chess puzzle 3000 rating how to draw chess endgames like a GM you must know this endgame lesson
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  1. Dvoretsky’s endgame manual book exercise, remember this puzzle from it

  2. What happened after Kh1,Kd2,Kh2, black plays pawn g4 instead?

  3. “What the right move then?”

  4. What if black king moves to d4? White king cant move to h4 to continue opposition due to pawn on g5. What would be the move for white?

  5. POV: comments section is flooded with 800s suggesting f4

  6. Ka1 is a thing in the chess world known as distant opposition. You keep 3 spaces between you and the opponents king. This makes it so that when ever black moves forward you move forward keeping direct opposition preventing black from making progress

  7. F4 also works,Since pawn takes and the black king is too far from the white king to come and save his pawn

  8. Nice puzzle. Worth noting: after 1. Kh1, g4, white needs 2. Kg2, since white loses the pawn race after 2. fxg4

  9. How tf did the King end up on the other side of the board ( black)

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