Chess Endgames 🎓 How To Transition to a Favorable Endgame by GM Bryan Smith

Did you know that most club players don’t spend nearly enough time studying chess endgames? 🤔 Don’t be one of those players! WIth a superior knowledge of the endgame, you can turn even losing positions around. Get instant access to GM Bryan Smith’s Endgame Renaissance course with 35% off. ►

In chess, some decisions are irreversible. Piece exchanges, for example, can’t be taken back. That’s why you have to think twice about which pieces to exchange in the endgame.

Due to the reduced material in endgame positions, it is even more important than in middlegames to exchange the right pieces. The decision to exchange pieces in the endgame should never be made lightly.

You always need to carefully evaluate a possible transition to a certain type of endgame. In fact, these key decisions of whether or not to trade and which pieces to trade is what separates average players from great players.

In this video, GM Bryan Smith analyzes two of his games in order to explore and teach the principles involved with transitioning from a middlegame to an endgame that suits you.

It’s a free preview of his new six-hour course, Middlegame to Endgame Transition Master. Most club players spend far too little time studying endgames. They aren’t familiar with essential theoretical endgames, nor do they focus on developing good endgame understanding and technique.

However, decent endgame skills are vital for any aspiring chess player. They can enable you to easily win apparently equal positions with only little imbalances or save half a point from clearly worse positions. In the course, GM Bryan Smith shows you a lot of key techniques to improve your endgame play.

Even if you’ve been slightly worse all game, you can turn the tables and win the game with superior endgame technique. And because most club-level players don’t spend enough time studying the endgame, you’re in a good position to really put the pressure on, just like the current World Champ Magnus Carlsen does in his games. He’s famous for grinding away at his opponents, little by little in the endgame, exhausting the opponent and usually managing to find at least a half-point.

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  1. Thanks, this was really helpful. It answers the question of why the endgame is important.

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