Chess Endgames #001 – The principle of two weaknesses – with a book recommendation

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. 20 seconds in and already 8 uhm's, dude, common.

  2. Nice vid i'm glad that ikor9 s query was answered though because i was thinking the same thing .

  3. awesome gotta check this book out whenever i got time

  4. Thank you for the video 🙂
    I'll definately check that book out!

  5. At 13:43 you say that white just needs to get rid of the right to move. But how is this achievable?

  6. Thank you again! If i may suggest a topic, a video about pawn breaks would be much appreciated.

  7. Brilliant! For a non-native English speaker, you convey your thoughts very elegantly and instructively. I hope that you make more teaching videos in the future!

  8. @jkor9 You are right, I made a mistake there. White should not play g2-g4, as black can never play g5-g4 himself (that pawn would just drop after Nh2). Without the g4 move from white he can always play g2-g3 and then g3-g4 to lose that crucial tempo. This is much simpler than playing g2.g4 in one go. That should win as well, but is just clearly worse in comparison.

  9. @16:40 after 1. a5, bxa5 2. Rb7#, Kc6 3. Rxa7 white will win the other "a" pawn but it still looks complicated and out of control because black can counter attack along the "b" file with 3….Rb8, Rxa5 4. Rxb2#. I'm sure white is better after this but it shows why these end games can feel like a crap shoot so to speak for people like me. Maybe they require more calculation and seeing more moves ahead than other parts of the game.

    Great Video though very much appreciated!

  10. ah….nvm….you said Rb5 I didn't catch that. Sorry.

  11. @7777Ralph Yes, that should win material without allowing any counterplay. The line you mention makes it much more difficult, white must keep the black rook passive.

  12. Endgame strategy is the best chess book available. My coach recommends it, and he says it can help explain why grandmasters choose their strategies!

  13. Who is the author if the book? I cant find it in the discription

  14. Nice video! Would be nice too see more endgames videos. I'd like to watch more about complicated king and pawns endgames. 2 against 2. Usage of zhygzwang. Donno how it calls in english. Squares where're both in zhygzwang and 1 side can use it to put other side in it.

  15. Around 13.52 trying to reach a zugzwang (with a4 and a5 played) white is the one who got in a bit of a zugzwang being unable to improve his position while keeping pressure on both g5 and e5. Also earlier, after exchange on g5, white goes Ne1, but now black may play g4 no? Although here, admittedly, white should win after f3 and take back with knight.

  16. @13:31 I am not convinced it would be a win if it's white to play. How can he further improve on this position?

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