Chess Endgames #003 – Basics – Mate with Q,R,B+B and B+N

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. Fantastic videos. software name please?

  2. The triangle method makes more sense to me (I found it on wikipedia), I could never learn the W 🙁

  3. your channel is going to be my favorite one, thanks again for all this

  4. Fantastic video CE. I'm excited for this new series. Just a small pointer to help your English, the word "adjacent" is pronounced, ad-jay-sent.

  5. Is there any way I can practice these end games with an engine or online against a computer?

  6. Very basic and highly instructive,thank you. Just curious, are you writing a book and when is it likely getting out of the publisher's?

  7. thanks for the news serieses!

    just an idea..I feel cutting the content into smaller fragments would be nice, if it is possible to do so. this one into 3 or 4 fragments, with one segment containing one fraction, so if one need to review B+N s/he can look up that particular video. 

    these are fabulous works, so i am not complaining in any way. if you feel like fragmenting and editing is too much extra work (most of them not really chess content related), and they will annoy you or slow you down, you might as well discard the idea and go on as it is now.

  8. Christof, before passing to another theme, what about the Q vs R ending? I believe It's more common than these last two and as far as I'm concerned despite not existing a concrete method some recommendations could be shared in order to how to fork the king and rook (only way I suppose). Very nice this new venture! You do it so smooth!

  9. You are right on time, Christoff. I've recently decided to concentrate on endgames 😀

    Thank you in advance for this series!

  10. The name Chessexplained says it all. Great stuff!

  11. thanks for the video. Btw, you pronounce adjacent like "add" "Jay" "cent"  (cent like the money). Cheers 

  12. Thank you CE. I find something about endgames so delightful — both theory and strategy. The longer and more comprehensive you make this series, the better for me. 🙂

  13. I love these videos of Endgames !! So helpful, especially checkmate with Bishop and Knight !!

  14. great vid!
    and the two "0" in #001 makes me believe, we get more than 100 vids to come 🙂
    I think, just a WGM in the Olympiads couldn't mate her opponnent with knight and bishop. So she can blame you, that you didn't release this vid earlier ;)))

  15. I got a little bit of a nerdboner when I saw this in my subsciptions.

  16. wow amazing I was in this video that rook at 8:13 moving to c6 WAS ME ! ! ! ! THAT WAS ME IN THE VIDEO ! cant believe im the star of the show ! did any of you see me waving as I was check mating the king ?

  17. Very well explained video C.E thanykyou, just mated fritz with the two bishops wich I used to be able to do but knowing a method is much better very well explained

  18. GMs not being able to mate with B+N ? screw that ive seen a match were the womens world champion couldn't a world champion ahahaha !

  19. Thanks!  Request:  can you do a thorough coverage of mating with Queen vs. Rook?  I don't think I have seen a comprehensive video of this anywhere.  That's the one classic mate that I haven't learned.  In fact, in the recent game 2 of Nakamura+Rybka vs. Stockfish (which I saw in person!) there was an endgame with Q vs R (though with 3 pawns each as well).

  20. more of these instructional videos please. Well, I already knew these endings, but future videos should be good. Also, I'd like to see some more in depth analysis videos.

  21. Very nice explanations! Looking forward to more in this series!

  22. Probably not a good video for this series, but perhaps you could cover the Troitzky (Troitsky) line at some point. Its a very interesting study (even though not practical always).

  23. very nice video Chris… your channel is becoming one of the best sources of chess knowledge on the web.. thanks.. 🙂

  24. That was interesting: I´ve been teaching K&Q vs K and K&R vs K to kids for years and we don´t do it like you showed here. Chess has multiple paths 🙂

  25. This is an absolutely excellent series CE, very glad you have finally started it. Watching your excellent endgame play is one of the most impressive aspects of your blitz games for many of your viewers (myself included.)

  26. This is terrific! I will practice with B+B and B+N. Thanks a lot for the clear explanation.

  27. I know this sounds weird but can you do the same video but give the strategy to mate using pre-moves only? Often you reach a won end game with no time and can only do pre-moves.

  28. 2,000 hits in one day… 🙂  I suppose this says something about how much people value the channel and how much we feel we still need to learn on the endgame…

  29. Love your work Christof. This is going to be a great series. Thanks. 🙂

  30. I tried but I failed to perform both B+B+K vs K and B+N+K vs K checkmates… 🙁

  31. awesome video. you made the KNB v K endgame really easy for me. thanks!

  32. Great video, Christof! I hope I will encounter B + N sometime in my chess playing career just so I can use this newly acquired knowledge, thanks 🙂

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