Chess Endgames #004 – Capablanca Tartakover Rook Endgame

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  1. awesome a new series! thanks!

  2. Thanks for the series, looking forward to watching it!

  3. Brilliant!! Thank you so much CE!!  I hope we get to see the 'Endgame Strategy #3,572' installment at some point… 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for this. If I can place a request I would like to see some rook endgames with equal material. People always claim that they are drawn but I hear there are exceptions to this rule which I would like to see… and also some proof why it is a draw, if that is true.

  5. Loved the notion of the 'umbrella' – a very important take away lesson for rook endings… 🙂

  6. Thank you for the content, CE! 🙂

  7. Excellent! I particularly liked the short summary at the end which drives home the important points – very useful from an instructional point of view.

  8. Thanks for the video CE; it's great to have some more variety than just blitz games (not that those are bad, but it's a matter of chance how much there is to learn from each one). Looking forward to the next one :)

  9. ohhhhhhhh i got a shot of excitement when i saw this posted. thank you! just what im looking for.

  10. Excellent! The only point I did not see is why 27…gxh5 is a bad idea.

  11. Thanks! For me, as a much lower rated player the move g5 (6:36) was also very instructive. This actually makes everything that happens later possible, but it's not a move I'd consider. I would definietely push f5, thinking that I make my position stronger, while in fact I'd just let white to red rid of weakness.

  12. Have been looking forward to this for a long time. Much appreciated! 🙂 This game is also covered in Lakdawala's book on Capa. Instructive and at times amazing play by the Cuban WC.

  13. Chris – I have been watching your channel almost daily for some time and never miss a video…my game has improved greatly as a result – I am grateful for your instruction and very much look forward to this series – Thank You!!

  14. Fantastic game, Capablanca was a wizard in endgames, very nicely played !

  15. excellent series Chris.Looking forward to more.This concept of fixing one's pawns is a fascinating one….

  16. thanks, this is clearly the best youtube chess channel, thanks a lot, great new series!

  17. Yes!   Happy about 2 things:  CE commenting on endgames, and CE commenting on one of my fav tournaments of all time, the great New York 1924 tourney!

  18. What is the farthest out (number of moves) that your opponent cannot counter your endgame? There should be numbers on this, no? 

  19. I made a youtube account just for saying thank you – I've waited for a video series like this one for a long time! You have my big admiration, I watch your videos every day and I've had a lot of fun with them and learned a lot. Thank you very much Chris! Greetings from your home country 🙂

  20. The one area I need to improve most is endgames so I'm quite excited about the series. Keep up the great work!

  21. Great start to what I'm sure will be a most instructive series. Thanks!

  22. you reserved fair amount of digits, that's nice

  23. Great, looking forward to more of this instructional stuff!

  24. New York 1924 game from 90 years ago when people traveled long distances on trains and steamships. A classic game won by endgame genius Capablanca who somehow makes it look effortless. Still interesting after all these years. Great choice to start the long anticipated Endgame Strategy Series. TY for posting

  25. As soon as I spotted Endgame Strategy # 001 I went straight for that video.  I'm sure that this will be a very instructive series. Thx CE!

  26. very nice game and presentation ce, I would have been way too concerned about c5 and those central passers with the rook to thin about a king manouver like that, very impressive and il look for an opportunity now were previously I wouldn't thanks a lot C.E, also I ike the way your gonna do instructive examples rather than the as you said scientific way of winning with rook and pawn for example as they are easier to find than a good instructive lecture !

  27. Made my day to see this video posted!

  28. I really enjoyed this.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make it.  That was very, very instructive.  I run into problems in end games coming up with the right plan, trying to decide which pieces go to which side of the board and what roles they should have.  I like the plan in this lesson, of the umbrella pawn.  That's was very good.  I had not heard of that before.

  29. What better way to kick of a series on endgame strategy than one of Capablanca's masterpieces?  I look forward to the next installment!

  30. Thanks for the endgame vids CE! That is really my weakest part of the game.

  31. What happened to Endgame Strategy 001? The one showing the basic mates with Q, R, B+B and B+N.. And I never saw 002 posted?

  32. sidenote at 17:22 if black's pawn could get through, which would matter if they were more advanced. So 48. Kc6 b5 49. axb5 a4; so if the 3 pawns (2 black & 1 white) where 1 square further down, (white pawn on a3, black on a6 & b5) black could also get a Q.

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