Chess Endgames #005 – Basics – Rook vs Knight and Rook vs Bishop without pawns

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. 4:14 Another possibility is Kf7 attacking the knight and threatening Rh2# Black king move loses the knight. And any knight move is followed by Rh2 with checkmate.

  2. Thanks for this series. Please do queen vs rook (no pawns) next.

  3. I love these endgame videos. Thanks Chris

  4. did you know chess is a distant relative of the walabee ?

  5. Hi, CE. What book do you use as a reference, if any, for this series?  And do you have a favorite endgames book that you could recommend to study?  Thx

  6. Thank you for this interesting video. In R vs. B endgame, it is very interesting to analyze the variation after Rh3 if Black moves his Bishop either to f2 or f4-squares. White has the killer Rc3! If Black moves his King to the f-file, White will pickup the Bishop by Rf3 (either a fork or a skewer). And if he moves his Bishop to any other files, White will use the illustrated technique in you video (pinning the Bishop to the mating threat at the 8th rank).
    I think R vs. N needs more videos to illustrate its standard defensive techniques and the famous blunders by the defending side.
    Sorry for talking to much
    Thank you

  7. Greg Shahade made one blunder in B v R in a game on YT against "yummy2" and lost, even though the blunder occurred when his king was between the right corner and the wrong corner.

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