Chess Endgames #009 – Bascis – Rook and Pawn vs Rook Pt 1

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. very nice video thanks for your effort 🙂

  2. How many series are you going to start? – I don't mind, I look at any video you put in here
    and I like it Thanx

  3. one thing I was curious about was whether the short vs long side of the board is important if you transpose the same position with the d or e pawn instead of the c or f pawn… it seems it isn't, after playing it with an engine, you can go either way and still draw.

  4. I personally prefere your entertaining content (blitz, warzone, kibitzing) to your educational content. I dont want to improve my chess, i just want to relax and enjoy.

  5. What about a series where you take viewer questions about chess news, politics etc?

  6. Excellent lesson here. Best explanation of these concepts I have seen or read.

  7. Amazing! Thanks CE! 

    PS. Don´t forget to cover Rook&King vs King&Pawn, some of the cases are really tricky

  8. Great presentation C.E. I really like this because other rook and pawn videos give the main position then you pay fritz and it frows in loads of curve balls and variations, wich are really important to cover for begginers, thanks very much !

  9. I am really loving this endgame series. Very often endgames are the weak point in the game sub2000 elo players. Personally I believe there is tremendous value in studying endgames. I think it was Smyslov who said studying endgames gave him a very deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the individual pieces. 

  10. How about you start making your Videos on German? 🙂

  11. This is the best basic R+P v R explanation I've ever seen… better than any book or other video

  12. This is awesome ! Your explanations are clear like crystal, please do part 2 ! 🙂

  13. I have just listened to you for 5 minutes and I have already gained more than some long videos. Some folks just don't know how to teach… Good you are not one of them.
    Ideas are really the important stuff in chess,raw calculation comes after you have the idea. Some just go blabbing on various lines without any aforementioned idea or important squares… Thanks.

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