Chess Endgames #016 – Yermolinsky vs Kasparov Good Knight vs Bad Bishop

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
White based on 1 c4 (English/Reti Opening):

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  1. Thanks once again Christof, very instructive

  2. Excellent!! The evaluation of the original position was most instructive as was the rook maneuver ('Schematic Thinking'!) and Black's refraining from taking that pawn (Kc5! 'Suppression of Counterplay'!). I for one would certainly welcome two additional CE-prepared videos: a) one with a series of endgame positions and the Q: 'Who stands better and why?' (Evaluation)  and  b) another series of endgame positions, again without moves perhaps, with the single Q: 'What is the optimal positioning of Black's (or White's) pieces and why?' (Schematic Thinking). That should raise our level a little… 

  3. I finally get how to be good at end games, you have to be really good at chess, I guess that rules me out !

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