Chess Endgames: Alexei Shirov’s Best End Games

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This video preview from the instructional chess DVD “Shirov! Best Endgames” features Super-GM Alexei Shirov and GM Ron W. Henley analyzing one of Shirov’s best endgames. This excerpt demonstrates the power of prophylaxis as Shirov masterfully controls and limits his opponent’s options until striking with a decisive zugzwang that enables white to break through in a semi-blockaded position. Shirov’s 48. a3!! allowed him to reposition and centralize his knight – controlling more central squares and limiting the black king’s mobility. This forced GM Akopian to force a liquidation on the kingside in an attempt to end the game in a draw, however Shirov found the excellent resource 56. c5!! that led to Akopian’s resignation after 61. Ke4. The video excerpt above begins at move 46, however I would definitely encourage readers to check out the entire game PGN that features Shirov sacrificing a pawn early on in the Shabalov Gambit to seize a dangerous initiative.


  1. This is why I studied endgames fanatically. Many times I won games that should have been drawn and games I should have lost I managed to draw because most club players endgame knowledge is weak.

  2. nice endgame – the best lesson is nor to agree to draws too soon !

  3. Many people have said that Kramnik is the best endgame player in history,i seriously doubt that after seeing Shirov´s games.

  4. Some say that Ron Henley is the Chuck Norris of the chess world while others compare him more to Charlie Sheen.

  5. When you play Ron Henley in chess, you don't play chess, chess plays you.

  6. and I guess it's best not to know why they compare him to Charlie Sheen 😛
    I'm kidding

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