Chess Endgames Beginners Guide – The Opposition

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Here is a new video from my Basic in chess series. Today we are continuing our endgame strategies with the most important principle in chess endgames – The OPPOSITION


  1. Jozarov, I am a maths teacher and I love how you want to educate. I do know about the opposition but think it shows what a subtle and elegant game chess is. I'm really looking forward to more endgame stuff. Thanks.

  2. Hey Jozarov! What do you think about the London System? I started looking into it after Magnus so successfully used it against Nepo in the Legends tournament. Would you consider taking up it as your next video series on d4?( If not now later perhaps. Just wanted to know if you are willing to consider it in the future) thanks!

  3. NNUE evaluation patch has been implemented to stockfish project now. For the future its same AB Stockfish as before but it now has NNUE evaluation support allowing it to better search for moves. This patch increased stockfish strength by 90 elo compared to stockfish 11 and 70 elo compared to stockfish from last tcec. This new stockfish is ready make bloodbath. Its stronger than leela by effectively 70-75 elo. Its going to be fun. Be prepared for a history is about to be made.

  4. I plaid some 1700 players and at no low time at all, they couldn’t play properly this kind of end game! I release it when they start to think about their next move…

  5. I always thought this is a win for white..except for the a and h pawns..hmmm

  6. I know this already but it's always nice to get a refresher course.

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