Chess Endgames- Bishop and Knight Part 2

In part 2 we finish our look at checkmating with only the bishop and knight. Make sure you watch part 1 first.


  1. I def will make that video very soon. Thanks

  2. What do you do if at 1:12 after Nb4 the king goes back to a4?

  3. If he moves back to a4 you should instead improve your king position to the c4 square. If then the king continues to a5 you can force him back with Bc7. Now once he comes to a4 you can start to improve your knight with Nd3. As you can see the black king is stopped from moving back towards a8. After Ka3, then white to Bd6. After Ka4, white moves Nc5 which is a great square to start to force black back. Black can't move to a5 because of Bc7 #. Hope this helps with driving black to a1.

  4. What program do you use? It looks like you can place pieces wherever you want and play against the computer. Not to mention it shows arrows and "X"s and what not…

  5. What if at 5:03, the Black King goes to a2?

  6. In here when the king has no pawns we have this 16 moves rule 🙁

  7. Very nice and heplfull videos. Thanks a lot :).

  8. White always tryin' to keep the Black King down.

  9. I'd say knight to c7, bishop to a7, then bishop to b6 which would force him down. Moving the knight and bishop to the top of the board will slow you down but I can't see how it will stop you from winning (if I'm wrong, someone please correct me).

  10. At the beginning of this video, shouldn't black move back to a6 instead of a4 since nothing is stopping him? If black keeps moving between a5 and a6 I don't see a way to force him down

  11. Nice end game and a great explanation..thanks!!

  12. geez, pretty tough. Can't see anyone checkmating me if they haven't practiced this

  13. What is the move if the king goes to a2 at last part

  14. Bitch make it easy you speak fucking too much..

  15. very difficult to win.. mostly will end up in draw

  16. Come on it takes too much time routinely chess game will be only 5 mint and already u waste it to take all opponent's pieces there is no enough time to do all moves

  17. Seems tricky need a little cooperation with opponents king to nail it down

  18. This method makes use of both the triangle and 'w' knight method.
    I might finally have the answer to why I can't seem to know how to place my king and pieces optimally and why the other king always seem to slip away…once he's in the cage it's easy from memory work.

  19. I played about 800 games and saw this exactly one time. I played games in which each player got 30 mins max.

    I was the defender.

    My opponent couldn’t figure it out and I know I wouldn’t have been able to either. Not without studying it.

  20. when the black king was on a5, why could he not go back to a6?

  21. He is just showing the possibility which is favorable for white

  22. What if at 0:25 The black king goes to a5 insted of going down?????

  23. As far as I see, inconsistent. The black king had several ways to flee without being stopped. It is just your wishful thinking, that made him go "your way".

  24. Why would he go A4 and not retreat to A5?

  25. That was the longest checkmate ever 😂

  26. Damn… I hope I'll never end up with only a knight and a bishop 😅

  27. One concept I grasped is to put the bishop and knight on the same colour squares. That way, they control squares of opposite colour and can form that wall which prevents the king from running to the wrong corner.

  28. Imagine how bored was the first person who figured out how to checkmate with bishop and a knight

  29. I played with 2400 elo rated SOS 5.1 for arena but it couldn't checkmate me with bishop & knight in 40 mins in 50 moves,I wonder how u claim that knight bishop checkmates are possible!

  30. Now imaging doing this without access to this video while in a tournament with the clock ticking and your opponent threatening you with a switchblade.

  31. Also keep in mind this mate requires (at worst) 33 moves to force a checkmate. So if you screw up and the king escapes to center, you will bump up against the 50 move rule.

  32. Thank you for making this, I see how silly it was for me to feel stupid for not being able to checkmate with Knight and Bishop my first time encountering this. It helped a lot, conceptually, as you said.

  33. I've once thought of a problem like this. I thought of 2 possible checkmates with bishop, knight + king, but they were impossible positions. This is amazing… not that I'll ever use it, but it's good to know!

  34. Imagine doing this in blindfold chess!!! LMFAO 🙂

  35. How would I play for a free when I’m the one playing against there might/bishop?

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