Chess Endgames- Checkmate with Two Bishops

The two bishop endgame shows the strength of both bishops working together. I have detailed what I think is the easiest and most straightforward way to approach this endgame and checkmate the black king.

Feel free to visit to practice this endgame against the computer.


  1. This was completely useless he didn't say why or how he just moved his pieces.

  2. Teacher: Test is not that confusing.
    The test:

  3. You're like a math teacher, you explain something but when we finally get the test this is absolutely not the same thing… You're making black king do the move that you want him to do without explaining what the fuck we have to do if black king does not actually want to be checkmated like yours

  4. Seriously, I keep on watching, and I keep on trying, and there is only one outcome every time. If this ever comes up then I will just offer a draw and get it over with.

  5. I just tried to mate with bishops and I managed to figure out how to do it but it took some running around the board and when we got to it the mating move was move 51 so it ended up as a draw. I couldn't believe it.

  6. When you reach this endgame and you only have 20 seconds of your blitz game left

  7. double bishop mate is equivalent to a snake constricting prey while the single rook check is like a machine gun spraying down a hallway

  8. Thank you! The only endgame checkmate left I needed to learn.

  9. Me : tries this
    Also me : hangs the bishop and draws

  10. Just Played this endgame, match drawn but I want to learn this how to checkmate😌

  11. I have practiced this and am now hoping to use it in a real game, but the chances are very low unless when promoting a pawn you choose a bishop, and in which case you need to be careful to ensure that you end up with both a white square bishop and a black square bishop. Only yesterday I nearly had the opportunity but my opponent, seeing that I was about to promote a pawn, assumed I would choose a queen and resigned!

  12. thank you, was playting stockfish and got a two bishop endgame 😀

  13. The easiest way to remember this mate:
    Box the King in on the b / g file.

  14. The amount of time you waste using the phrase "gonna go ahead and" is shocking. You don't realize how much you are saying it. It's meaningless redundant speech. You're almost incapable of describing any actions without "gonna go ahead and'. It really makes you sound inarticulate and unaware of your own speech.

  15. I went ahead and. Did anybody else go ahead and?

  16. Glad you decided to go ahead and made this video. I wasn't able to go ahead and work it out by myself. Gona go ahead and apply it to my play now.

  17. I thought I was an idiot, when I just got a draw from the 50 move rule having only two bishops.

    Nope it’s just impossible hahah. Now I shall resign if I get myself into the position of having the overwhelming non advantage of having two bishops lol.

  18. Ok but what if your king was already taken and you only have 2 bishops?


  20. This American habit of prefacing a verb with “go ahead and” is really distracting. Once you cotton on, all you can hear is “I’m gonna go ahead and do this, he’s gonna go ahead and do that then I’m gonna go ahead…” honestly I still don’t know how to do a two bish checkmate.

  21. Dude I've been trying for 30 minutes trying learn this ….


  23. I've literally come across this once in my whole life, but at least i'll be prepared if it ever happens again

  24. Just drew a game cause I don’t know how to mate with two bishops

  25. I accidentally lost my bishop and it was a draw idkwoshwoshowgdiwv

  26. I do not understand why this needs to be a 10 minute video. I understand that newer players may need explanations, but this should be a 2 minute video, followed by the explanations at the end for whoever want them. When I send these videos around, people are having to watch an hour worth of people chatting to learn how to mate with a few different variations. It's just absurd lol

  27. if the king goes to the h8 square cant you just move your king to f7 mate right?? he should have told that.

  28. 13 years later, this is still a nice video. The last mating pattern I find unintuitive… the dance between the bishops and king will take some practice.

  29. I was having 6 bishop but and opponent has only kind and it was a draw 😭😭

  30. I'm gonna go ahead and say thanks for going ahead and showing us how to go ahead with this mating pattern. It's going to really help my chess get ahead.

  31. Me watching the video: oh that's easy
    Me trying it: what is bishop

  32. I came here to see this ,as just before I was winning in this situation in a game but didn’t know how to conclude , so I ended up with a draw ! ,! Thanks for your lesson ! I’ll have to practice this to be ready for the future !!

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