Chess Endgames- Checkmate with Two Bishops

The two bishop endgame shows the strength of both bishops working together. I have detailed what I think is the easiest and most straightforward way to approach this endgame and checkmate the black king.

Feel free to visit to practice this endgame against the computer.


  1. so simple but i just failed to find it myself lol

  2. 7:50 No with bishop at e5 and black king going h8 faster checkmate would be king to f7

  3. Finshed video: I FINALLY get it
    During game: Argggfghghfgh facepalm

  4. Just came here to say this:

    I watched this video multiple times and studied it and had no help. I used stockfish to show me how to do it and I picked it up right away. I can consistently do this mate noe in about 20 moves average and as low as 14 moves. Not saying this video sucks but if it isn't working for you, try what I did and get stockfish to show you the patterns

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  6. I'm really struggling with this. The green shaded areas help, Thank you

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  8. I shoved one of my opponents bishops up my arsehole and then he couldn't checkmate me.

  9. Even as a black kiiing mama, you always was a black queeen mama

  10. At 3:20 what if the king goes from F7 to F8 instead of F7 to E8? I’m having trouble with this solution.

  11. Interestingly enough, at 7:34, if the black king were to move to h8, simply king f7 would be a “revealed” checkmate

  12. i lost on timeout because i couldn't checkmate and kept blundering my pawns 🙂

  13. Waw, amzing video. I love you(this channel)

  14. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    Take a drink every time he says "go ahead"

  15. I end up hearing an odd British accent at the beginning of the video, realizing it's more less an American accent. Isn't that weird?

  16. its just very specific piece setups that get complicated….. if i remember correctly from my chess classes, we also had a routine to end a game, with just a bishop, a knight and the king, that was the hardest ender imo

  17. this is helpful to get a general idea of how to do it, but ur black king moves as if he had given up already, real players will try to disrupt you to get rid of 1 bishop, and will play more agressive, constantly trying to get close to your bishops, with every move, in this example he makes it really easy

  18. I been trying 5 days on a row to do this 8 broke a chessboard a keyboard and a pc monitor fuckk u

  19. As others have suggested, Stockfish is the way to learn this mate. Centralizing your pieces is always the best start in my opinion – then use the Stockfish method which is 10x more intuitive

  20. I think I will need a lot of practice with this

  21. Yea the king is always way too defended to make this work……. getting stuck in this situation is frankly embarrassing 🙂

  22. thank you so much. i learnt the two bishops mate from this video and i used this mate and defeated my oppenent just because of your video.

  23. you talking too much, you talk and tak and fucking talk, just show the fucking way

  24. I can always work the king to the last rank but probably half the time I stalemate or can't complete the checkmate

  25. Thank you so much for that tutorial. I was trying so hard but the king would escape. But now I am able to checkmate the king easily.

  26. I'm gonna go ahead and say gonna go ahead again.

  27. Its all fun and games practicing this offline until you face this in real match

  28. Thank you. My computer monitor appreciates me not hitting it in frustration so much!

  29. Tried the drills, blundered something like 8/8. Ready to put my practice into work

  30. My technique is to try to force the king into a corner and move the bishops in one line at the time always one line behind. Maybe not the best but its the one I find to be the easiest.

  31. 7:30 if the opponent goes h8, easy thing to remember is king f7 mate

  32. Thank you so much for making it look so easy. Really appreciate that mate. Still, took me a while to copy it into solving an exercise as there's quite a bit to look out for, but I finally managed to grasp it.

    Thank you sincerely again.

  33. Every time I’m close to winning it turns into a stalemate

  34. I've watched, tried to repeat it, keep failing.

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