Chess Endgames- Checkmate with Two Bishops

The two bishop endgame shows the strength of both bishops working together. I have detailed what I think is the easiest and most straightforward way to approach this endgame and checkmate the black king.

Feel free to visit to practice this endgame against the computer.


  1. This is a very good way to get consistent at checkmating with two bishops without messing up. I tried to learn the faster way first where you don't move your bishops as much after centralizing them, the king is used more, and later on you split your bishops up to push the enemy king into the corner. It is quicker if you do all the right moves but it's easy to mess up I feel.
    With the method in this video you will just have to memorize the king bishop shuffle pattern. It is much easier.

  2. what a useless attempt of a lesson…

  3. at 1:52 Be4 is a check soooo I'm gonna go ahead and say at 3:46 was NOT the first check, lol.  Otherwise this is a fine video and the narrator is pretty helpful but the explanation of the moves could be sharper+clearer. 

  4. I'll try this out against Fritz.  I hope I can accomplish the mate before the 50 moves rule.  🙂

  5. At 7:17, if black King goes H8 instead of F8, white King to F7 = checkmate.

  6. Nice video!! I looked for this video after I stalemated with two bishop because I didn't know how to check mate the whites king 🙁

  7. 7 people would rather play snakes and ladders

  8. is it possible to win just by not allowing the king to move like if the bishops form an V mark ish around king?meaning its blacks turn to move but the king cant since hes blocked off, but its not check

  9. 7:45 if black goes to h8,then white king f7 would be checkmate

  10. I remember the first time I did this successfully. Good Basic skill to know.

  11. One of the many things that separate chess from checker

  12. At 7:12, if instead of playing Kf6 he plays Bf7+, after …Kf8, Bd6# is mate without giving the black king two options.

  13. How does chess get harder with less pieces?

  14. we're just gonna go ahead and go ahead so he's gonna go ahead and then go ahead to go ahead and do this so we'll go ahead and…

  15. Pls tell me in what opening this position occurs I am waiting to do this mate

  16. Nice video!! Very interesting to know a CHECKMATE is possible in this situation, should I ever find myself in this situation.

  17. ha ha I just played draw with two bishops……next time maybe, thanks

  18. I caint get this to save my life. is the main object to get the king in position? or to move the bishops to drive the king in the corner

  19. thankfully when i got into this endgame, my opponent resigned :

  20. stale mate is a real threat in end games. in this vid alone i spotted multiple stale mates

  21. I just draw a game because I didn't know this and ran out of time, thanks!

  22. Thanks alot it's VERY hard to learn but it did help me. ^﹏^

  23. Sir here repeat steps then what to do

  24. I had 2 bishops and rook today vs his king and 2 minutes of time and I ran out of time…

  25. 6:47 But if you moved the bishop on g6 to f7 you would already checkmate him right? Because he wouldn't be able to go left or right and he can't take your bishop because of your king. Correct me if I'm wrong tho

  26. I get it but there is no way I am doing this under time pressure. Sorry, my brain stops working.

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