Chess Endgames- Checkmate with Two Bishops

The two bishop endgame shows the strength of both bishops working together. I have detailed what I think is the easiest and most straightforward way to approach this endgame and checkmate the black king.

Feel free to visit to practice this endgame against the computer.


  1. Here after not being able to convert 😅

  2. takes a full minute of babble, so go to 0.57 to begin this video.

  3. I don't see how it works if the black king goes from e7 to e8, then f7 when you move you king forward. You can no longer check him the way you did

  4. Can you please stop “going ahead” it’s a waste of words – you just “move” you don’t have to “go ahead and move” – you can hardly move further back in the game!

  5. Very instructive… Just drawed a game 🙁

  6. 14 years later these are still the best chess tutorials on YouTube. Clear, concise, and without all the awful attempts at comedy. Pure chess.

  7. At 6:45 you already had checkmate. The move was Bg6 toBf7.Checkmate.

  8. Thanks. I just encountered this endgame for the first time. Ended in a draw unfortunately after 50 moves.

  9. this happed to me and i lost on time i didn’t know how to checkmate

  10. After spending bloody 40 minutes on practice trying to do this checkmate I gave up and came to this video…

  11. literally looked up this video as I was in this situation… ended up making a dumb move into him taking bishop then draw

  12. Yesterday I just checkmate with having a king and one bishop. That's a very interesting match…

  13. i'll work on that. I've just been experimenting with a few things as I get accustomed to youtube. As I get better with youtube the videos will be better. Thanks for checking them out and I'll try to bring the volume down.

  14. can you help me on chess. my opening is e4,e5 nf3, nc8. should i pin his knight with my bishop or develop next knight. tell me if this opening is good or not. all my friends now beat me, because of this crappty opening.

  15. this opening is not a crappy opening but like any opening in chess takes dedication to learn the ins and outs. If you pin the knight the opening is the ruy lopez which i made a video on you can watch. You can also play Bc4 that will usually develop into Giuoco Piano which I also made a video on. I personally grew up playing the ruy lopez so I do pin the knight down but I don't usually take the knight as I prefer bishops early on. If you watch the videos and have questions let me know.

  16. Thx for the vid. Ive seen one like this before but not this good. The only problem is, that you most probbably never get to such a situation.

  17. It's definitely not the most common, but if you are able to win a game with two bishops then it should help you to know how the bishops work together and should carry over into your middle game strategies and tactics.

  18. This is very common in games with one of my friends because he sucks, so I restrict myself by not letting my queen or rooks onto the back 3 ranks…I still win…

  19. whats with the epic music in the beginning its just chess lol

  20. 🙂 thx for your videos, theyve really helped me alot!!!! your website is awsome too 🙂

  21. I think it's worth repeating my comment… that intro is going to make me deaf haha

  22. Isn't at 7:38, Kh8 just followed by Kf7 discovered checkmate?

  23. @Dragoncasp8 Nope, that would be a stalemate

  24. @flaggedvidsaccountCW Wrong.
    That's a checkmate.
    The dark square bishop attacks the black king and the king has no where to go.

  25. @wahimbay98 nope, because of the discovered check.

  26. I got up to 3:33 but the king just keeps going to f8 and f7 what do i do

  27. at 7:45 if the black king moves to h8 then instead of Be5 to d6 you can just move Kf6 to f7 mate

  28. 8:16 Why not white Kf7, then black Kh8, then Be5 checkmate?

  29. whats the name of the msuic at the biggining?

  30. I just had this position online on a chess server. I reached the position here at 7:09, but made the wrong moves from there . It ended in an embarassing stalemate. The two bishop retreats to make way for the King are essential. Hope , I will remember it next time!

  31. I lost track of how many times you said "go ahead and…" I'm not criticizing I just found it humorous. I enjoyed the tutorial 🙂

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