Chess Endgames: Checkmating with a Rook

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IM David Pruess explains how to checkmate with a King and Rook vs lone King, touching on important chess concepts such as Zugzwang and Waiting Moves along the way.


  1. being playing chess for years and still find this difficult…this explains well. its the waiting move i have been going wrong in….

  2. Thankyou, only if i had watched this video before drawing couple of games

  3. Thanks, it seemed impossible before i watch your video, now it's easy 🙂

  4. Great lesson! Just won an almost drawn match using this 🙂

  5. I only had a rook and king left. This helped a lot. I checkmated my opponent.

  6. So it’s the same with what you do with a Queen, keep pushing them down each rank

  7. Naaah, if there is a rule of 50 moves or less and not taking a piece, that is a draw.

  8. I'm here after stalemating a game where I was chasing my opponent's lone king for about FOUR MINUTES!

  9. So waiting move is what I was missing.😮
    Thanks a lot.

  10. THANKS! Now my girl won't stand a chance in the endgame!

  11. Just played the best game of my life and it ended with a draw because I couldn’t remember how to mate with a rook and king

  12. 3:19 the best winning pattern is
    1: Rd7, Kf8
    2:Re7, Kg8
    3:Ke6, Kf8
    4:Kf6, Kg8
    5: Rf7, Kh8
    6: Kg6, Kg8,
    7: Rf6, Kh8
    8: Rf8#

  13. Dude thank you ! I got frustrated because i just drawed a game just like that and i felt dumb lol . But now it will never be a draw again 😈

  14. What was the knight thing he mentioned at 7:52

    Is he trying to say that if that knight like pattern appears on the board you do a waiting move?

    Because I usually miss waiting move in this checkmate

  15. Im watching this vid even though i already know how to do it lol

  16. I'm here after drawing with 20 seconds on the clock, thanks, this will be very handy!

  17. i'm here after not stalemating but being drawn into a repitition

  18. this is why chess has the longest learning curve, such a simple maneuver yet u wouldn't know about it unless u take the time and learn

  19. Nothing more frustrating than some dweeb trying to force a draw through amount of moves. Never again.

  20. Very long winded. The game got drawn by the time this video got over. FFS

  21. I like to checkmate using largely the same method as with the king and queen, only it's pawn opposition instead of knight opposition, and the rook obviously has to be protected by the king.

  22. Wow wow wow….very well explaied sir….very much thank u🤩🤩🤩🤩

  23. I couldn't manage the checkmate with a rook 3 times. So i am here

  24. I almost loose a game by time for not knowing how to force the check mate with a tower and the king. The tables save me. Thanks for the explanation.

  25. I’m around 1100 elo. I can checkmate with a rook any day. But I was playing a mini blitz tournament with time control. Had less than 10 seconds on my clock and this checkmate feels so tough

  26. This is not possible if the solo king wont stand face to face with the other king. He stays in the middle and won't back up

  27. Finally all my meaningless chasing of kings is over — now I know how to checkmate. Thanks for this lesson!

  28. Just did this for the first time against an opponent who thought a draw was inevitable. Should have seen his face when i mated him. Thanks for the lesson!

  29. Well created and presented , but note please, David, @ 6:20 "you are maintaining the rook in the ROW (viz # 4) that you want," and not the FILE … thanks

  30. I don't know whats so hard about this, I keep forgetting, hell I don't even think I want to think about my moves anymore

  31. takes far too long to explain the simplest thing terrible video

  32. Yeah, I'm here after drawing a game too. Shameful one, because I offered a draw when we had both had rooks and my opponent declined, proceeded to blunder his own rook and then I hit him with the "SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE DRAW DUDE". Then couldn't checkmate the fucker

  33. Had a guy in this spot click this vid to watch how it’s done and lost thanks

  34. I love how systematic this is, thank you!

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