Chess Endgames: Converting the Extra Pawn

Ever heard that grandmasters can win with just one extra pawn? Today FM Kostya Kavutskiy discusses the general strategy on how to win a king and pawn endgame with a single pawn extra. Enjoy!


  1. nice vid, I can't even count how many times I've lost these sort of endgames because I didn't efficiently manage my pawns, great tips:)

  2. I have watched your vids and you have ultimately inspired me to make my own vids (yeah!)… Quick question… How did you put your vids in sub categories…
    Such as, CHESS OPENINGS, The Sicilian Defence, Grandmaster Chess, Chess Positional etc… Thank you for your time and potential help…

  3. @ChessLearningCenter He put it in a playlist.

  4. @ChessLearningCenter You make the video, upload it, then create a playlist.

  5. At 3:36 what if black takes with the bishop pawn? Then h3xh4 and black pushes his rook pawn to h4. That looks like big trouble for white.???

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