Chess Endgames Explained by GM Susan Polgar

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The endgame is one of the most difficult phases of the game for beginner chess players because many beginners find the endgame boring and do not want to spend precious time studying it. Instead, many beginner players prefer to study exciting topics like tactics and openings. But what happens if you play a great opening and employ some strong tactics to gain an advantage, but you don’t have the endgame skills to convert this advantage into a full point. Understanding basic fundamentals of endgame play will go a long way towards improving your chess game as you will start to be able to incorporate deeper ideas into your opening and middlegame play as you will better understand the types of resulting endgame positions. This chess video is an excerpt from the Susan Polgar chess DVD ¨Learn the Endgame the Easy Way, Essential Basic Endgames – Part 1¨

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  1. I bought you method DVDs, worth gold to me .. you are very very 👍 good

  2. thank you Susan, short, sweet and to the point..very helpful

  3. the real pain in the ass is mating with knight and bishop oh man that's tough can you make a vid about that pls

  4. Great videos by Ms. Polgar. With that said, how the HECK was Paul able to marry her? He must wake up every day laughing hysterically that he bagged that beautiful woman.

  5. and this dvd was worth nothing. much more visual friendly is computer chessboard with audio

  6. At 10:20 I use:
    Step 1: Force the king into the corner, Using the L shaped system, get the queen to "e7". The king is now trapped on 2 squares g8 and h8
    Step 2: Move the king to f6
    Step 3. Mate with Qg7#

    This works every time and there is no risk of Stalemate.

    Also if it is KQB or KQN v K, and the opponent doesn't resign.

    Step 1: As above
    Step 2: Protect g7 or h7 with the minor piece and mate with the queen.

    Again, no risk of stalemate with the knight, move the knight to fifth rank to protect g7 or h7.

    There is a risk of stalemate with the bishop and a waiting move may be required.

    The beauty of this system is that it requires virtually no thought and is the same every time.

  7. I can spend a whole day with her or listening to her. And I'll always feel like a kid in an amusement park.

  8. I enjoy going over the basics. Either I learn something brand new, am reminded of something I've forgotten, or at the very least I become reinforced in my foundation.

  9. This is Chess endgames for completely beginners unfortunately I haven`t learnt anything here !

  10. Oh how strong she is!!, i wanna some courses about the opening and the middle game by her👍🏻🙏🏻

  11. Susan you are a gift from God.

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