Chess Endgames: Hess’ Scintillating Endgame Tactics

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IM Pruess shows some endgame highlights from the recent and incredible Deathmatch between GMs Hess and Shankland.


  1. Yeah, it would take me 10 minutes or longer to find those sacs and do the calculations, if I ever even found them. The guy must have a computer chip inside his brain.

  2. How bishop b6 is winning for white.? 4:00 black has 2 extra pawns against the bishop with king activity favouring black.

  3. I know such combinations from games arising after ours of Blitz under high tension – this has nothing to do with calculation – after a certain point you get into a flow and it happnes like magic – of course your subconciousness has to be fed by hunderds of ours tactic training. I remember for example one Blitz game with a forced mate in 9 wich required 2 piece sacs and an incredibly complicated combination – after this I needed 1 hour analysis – my time 10 seconds – only possible in the flow !

  4. I don't think it's calculation given the time involved but it is something special. Very enjoyable; thank you for posting.

  5. great video!! how about a round robin death match?


  6. Never seen a match live on, but I'm confused about the clock format…do you use a premove function a la chesscube?

  7. I guess guess that the only thing i thought was
    "Who put a Intel Core i7 in this man's head?"
    proves it has to be calculation xD

    The last one was just amazing.
    And I also do believe it's calculation paired with that natural feel for the "right" move.

  8. but how? does he, like, visualize with lightspeed? or does he just "know" like he is god or something? Can anyone ask this nice man HOW in the holy name he does this sorcery?

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